Deal: Bloodborne is Just $29.99 at GameStop

GameStop has a decent offer on the PlayStation 4 exclusive hack-and-slasher Bloodborne.

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joab7771113d ago

Best sp/mp game this gen. TW3 is close for sp, but the satisfaction ya get from BB is immense!

xHeavYx1113d ago

Getting my copy in 15 minutes when they open.

Death1113d ago

Great price for a great game.

Savsky1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Playing Bloodborne before Witcher ruined Witcher for me as Witcher's combat system wasn't nearly as good as Bloodborne's (in my humble opinion). The Witcher did however have good interactions with NPCs and had a great open world.

xHeavYx1113d ago

Really? Good to know. I started playing Witcher last week.

Savsky1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Yes, the combat is better in Bloodborne, but don't let that discourage you from playing The Witcher. Both are great games in their own right.

Forn1112d ago


I agree completely. Both are amazing games for different reasons, but as far as combat goes, Bloodborne takes not only the cake but the whole bakery.

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LOGICWINS1113d ago

You need to have a Pro Power Up membership though. I knew there had to be a catch. Still a good deal for people who shop at GS enough to take advantage of those benefits.

xHeavYx1113d ago

It's only $15 per year, and with the discounts and extra points you get, it pretty much pays itself.

LOGICWINS1113d ago

Actually yeah ur right. I had no idea this came with a Game Informer sub. $15 is def worth it. I'm getting dressed as we speak lol.

OpenGL1113d ago

Great game, highly recommended. Just beat Amygdala for the 3rd time.