Batman Arkham Knight September DLC Revealed In Latest Update

Batman Arkham Knight August DLC has been officially revealed by Warner Bros. Interactive but what about September? The latest update to Batman Arkham Knight has not only added a Photo Mode, it has also revealed the September DLC for the game.

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Clown_Syndr0me1144d ago

What's the point of 6 months of DLC when it's all weak?
Just finished game 100% today. Real ending was a letdown, as we're lack of boss fights. Seriously Rocksteady, who's idea was it to replace what could of been epic fights with tank battles? Fire them.

saukelover121144d ago

yea they shouldve had real boss battles

chilopirrin1144d ago

the $40 bucks seasson pass is a total fraud, i tried to cancel the purchase of it with sony afther finish the one hour long batgirl dlc and realized that the next dlc it is gonna be just a bunch of skins and costumes, but they just ignore me and told me that they are going to not give my money back, im really pissed off right now because i could just spend 7 dlls in the batgirl dlc instead of the 40 that cost me the fraudulent seasson pass, ´cos i don´t get it to get costumes and skins for the batmobile, I get it ´cos a really like the game and i wanted more of it in new locations, new characters and new stories, not replay the entire game over and over again with diferent costumes and skins...

jb2271143d ago

I don't think Sony should be held accountable for the poor dlc practice behind this game, WB should take the fall for that as it was obviously their idea to whore out one of their best devs in such a flagrant way. If I were Rocksteady I'd be pretty furious, because this is actively damaging their reputation. Even if the next 3 months after sept all include story dlc, it would still be too expensive considering the Batgirl dlc was so poorly executed. I suppose you shouldn't expect much else out of it, I'd be surprised if there was more than one story dlc left...if WB is smart they will push it back to make it a huge meaty campaign, otherwise no one will ever buy a dlc pack from them again. Glad I didn't make that purchase personally.

Clown_Syndr0me1143d ago

Ive made similar mistakes in the past. I never bother with Season Passes anymore, I just pick up the bits of DLC I actually want. Usually by the time its out Im not bothered anymore anyway.

Antifan1143d ago

Rules I go by:
1. Never preorder
2. Never buy season passes
3. Never buy AAA games digitally

Follow these 3 rules, and you'll never be cheated by another publisher again.