Nintendo ‘listens to fans’ versus following industry trends

Whether you like it or not, Nintendo is the type of company that does things in their own way. Instead of following industry trends, Nintendo prides itself on being unique. Scott Moffitt, Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, recently spoke with about how Nintendo uses fan feedback and looks upon industry trends. Well, Nintendo is listening, and, luckily, Nintendo fans are some of, if not, the most outspoken individuals found in the gaming community.

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MSBAUSTX1107d ago

Great! Then listen up. Make a bad ass powerful system with Third party support if you want to survive another generation or two of home consoles. Thank you.

Husky8181107d ago

Agreed they need to make a console that can garner third party support. I loved my wii, and wii u but i need more games. If nintendo really listens they need to make a competitive console with games other than its first party support.

ChickeyCantor1107d ago

" if you want to survive another generation"

Yes we'd like to hire you mr Pachter.

Metallox1107d ago

*cleans glasses*

Is that truly you, MSBAUTX?

Well, anyway, I kind of agree with you, but I think doing the games we actually want could be the only necessary thing.

MSBAUSTX1106d ago

I know man...,i know. I will still argue with anyone who says the Wii U isnt a good system. I do agree however with the thought that Nintendo cant rely any longer on being unique. I love Nintendo but I want to play LOZ and Mario side by side with th he newest Dragon Age or Mass Effect on the same system. Whatever the NX is I will most likely buy one. But I believe that in order to survive, Ninty has to change its hardware policies a little bit.

donthate1107d ago

Listen up Nintendo. What I want to know if that kid on the picture there is Reggie's kid, because he sure looks like Reggie mini!?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

They said fan not random users demanding a powerful system. And they definitely dont go to N4G for fans input.

They uses Miiverse, Twitter and Facebook.

MSBAUSTX1105d ago

No one goes to N4G for your input either. Yet here you are giving it. Why cant I voice mine as well. Plus I am a fan. Big time actually. Metallox can attest to that. But thanks for letting me know that Ninty big wigs arent reading my N4G comments. Wish I had know that before. SMH.

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tigertron1107d ago

Ok Nintendo, here's what I want:

- A traditional console with power on par with the current generation.
- Better online infrastructure.
- New IPs
- More third party titles (attract those devs)
- A Pokémon MMO.

freshslicepizza1107d ago

good list but nobody must have ever asked that before

-Foxtrot1107d ago

The fact that people have for years and Nintendo have failed to do any of those things shows you how much Moffitt is lying to himself

tigertron1107d ago

Nintendo always listen to their customers, so nobody would have suggested these things. I've never told Nintendo I wanted these things, not ever.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1105d ago


Becauses they dont have a network branch.

Reason for DeNA comes into place.

RpgSama1107d ago

Actually They don't listen to neither, they do their own thing for good or bad (in my opinion lately mostly bad).

There always need to be a balance between what people want, where the industry is heading and what you want to do with your console or services, let's see if they actually listen with the NX.

InTheZoneAC1107d ago

Nintendo didn't listen to fans when it chose the Wii U over what customers wanted(they were stuck in their Wii-ways relying on shovelware and casual gamers)

They're not big on online features because, from something of their own words, "nintendo fans aren't big on competitive games"

They don't listen to us because they chose their reasonings for ridiculous digital prices over offering VALUE to customers. They said, "it wouldn't be fair that someone got the game for less when people paid full price when it came out". So have fun not selling any more copies after that first year...because it wouldn't be fair to early buyers.

It will take an entire generation of success from one new console for me to support Nintendo again. I tried with the wii u and that was the worst time to come back to Nintendo consoles, something I've been out of the game since the end of SNES.

Cy1107d ago

"We want good online!"

N: "Online isn't what we're focusing on right now."

"We want a console with powerful hardware on par with other next gen consoles that doesn't rely on a gimmick controller."

N: "We are pleased to announce the Wii U."

"We want another Metroid game."

N: "Here's a co-op sci-fi shooter set in the Metroid universe. Oh, and you can't play as Samus."

"Well, what about a new Star Fox game?"

N: "Sure! But you have to control it in the most awkward way possible."

Nintendo really doesn't listen to the fans. And until I hear more about the NX, I doubt they'll start any time soon.

-Foxtrot1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )


If the NX comes out without a traditional controller, powerful specs for third party devs and not a Metroid launch game then we'll see if they have really listened

It's their last chance

They also need to drop the Amiibo shit with the NX. I don't want to see some circle on the console for where Amiibos actually integrating it into the new console

Smokeeye1231107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

No way they would ever abandon Amiibos. It's one of the the only bright spots for them in the last like 5 years. And who cares if it has amiibo integration? You aren't forced to use amiibos.

-Foxtrot1107d ago


It will only get worse

How long untill you HAVE to buy an Amiibo to enjoy other features in the game

Just like DLC years ago

"You aren't forced to buy it"


"It's not that bad"

Look at it now.

ChickeyCantor1107d ago

"Sure! But you have to control it in the most awkward way possible." "

Gyro system is optional. Stop whining about that.

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