E3 2008 Left 4 Dead On Camera Demo and Interview has posted a Left 4 Dead on camera demo and interview for the upcoming survival horror game Left 4 Dead for the PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Watch four gamers fight off hordes of zombies in the infected city in this video.

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Cinos1233704d ago

Game looks cool, but is it even announced for PS3? That aside do people even want another game from EA/Valve after The Orange Box debacle?

Fluffy2Duffy3704d ago

Last time i heard that Valve is not intrested making games for PS3.

Playstation Man3703d ago

Valve has equal enthusiasm to move forward with its developmental processes as Gabe Newell has to get out of his computer chair to do something other than head for the fridge.

Am I the only one who thinks L4D looks like garbage? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, Valve gets let off the hook far too easily for being lazy devs. And I don't care what anyone says, calling the Halo franchise a cash grab in comparison to Valve's multiple Half-Life 2 episodes is a joke. Valve come across as being just as greedy and half-assed to me as Bungie is these days.

Yuprules3703d ago

The video only says PC and Xbox 360. There is no Playstation 3 version, looks like a bug in the relations for left 4 dead.