CheatCC Velvet Assassin Preview

CheatCC writes: "Thus far, Xbox 360 owners have missed out on Metal Gear Solid 4, the most-buzzed-about stealth game in years. But this fall, Velvet Assassin will step up in an attempt to fill that void and make PS3 owners feel left out for a change.
The game would deserve an eye-roll or two for choosing World War II as its conflict (haven't played a game like that in a while!), except for the fact that the story is quite compelling: It's based on the true tale of Violette Szabo, a secret agent for the Allies who helped fight the Germans during the occupation of France. She was captured and tortured, and died by execution at the age of 23. Reportedly, Replay Studios (based in Germany, oddly enough) has kept the story at least somewhat true to life. The environments include faithful recreations of several major World War II locations including a frighteningly realistic Warsaw ghetto."

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