id Tech was not a consideration for Fallout 4 game engine, says VP

Game engines can be built with a certain type of game in mind and for the developers on the upcoming open-world, RPG title Fallout 4, choosing the right engine to create the game with was a very important decision.

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yellowgerbil1112d ago

I believe in you Todd Howard

MilkMan1112d ago

Should have created a stronger better engine. You went the cheap route and decided to squeeze the juice out of that BS engine AGAIN.
Hope it doesn't bite you in the butt Howard.

Ashlen1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

What are you talking about? The engine is fine. It's the reason things can be modded, most everything can be converted into a plain text database.

Id would suck unless they decided to make the game static. Which would truly be the worst possible outcome.

And it's always funny to me, people recreate small parts of Skyrim ect. in other engines with the claim they look so much better when you can download mods for the current engine that make the game look as good as or even better than any of the recreations.

Hasswell-NeverCold1112d ago

Newer dooms look like plastic anyway. Wolfenstein and Rage had texture streaming trouble and all sorts of stuff, didn't even look that good, evil within was mostly the same and as bonus it ran like crap, so good riddance with those ID engines.

Doodleburger1112d ago

Thank fucking god for that. They need to scrap that abomination yesterday.