Submerged Review | OnlySP

OnlySP: Submerged is a game from developer Uppercut Games. You may recall our own James Billcliffe’s two-part interview from earlier this year (Part1 – Part 2). During their talk, they specifically talked about creating a game devoid of combat and centered on a protagonist which wasn’t an “everyman character”. They wished to create an emotional bond with their lead character, and do so, “with a more simple form of storytelling without expensive cutscenes”, which expand development time and increase costs.

So now nearly 8 months later we’re able to judge their level of success. In terms of their visual presentation and storytelling, particularly in regards to the relationship between Miku and her brother Taku, they’ve done an excellent job. But the real question is, “how does it play?” That’s a harder question to qualify.

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