Sword Art Online: RE: Hollow Fragment Review – The Pains of An RPG - The Koalition

Does this new game based on the Sword Art Online anime give fans what they want on PlayStation 4? Check out the full review to find out!

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xtheownerzx1143d ago

Seems like this is one of those titles that you either like or hate. I wasn't too impressed with the gameplay I've seen thus far. I guess it's still worth a shot.

Venomousfatman1142d ago

I feel the game could have been a lot better. A lot of confusing things in the gameplay that I feel just were not good. I like the anime, just wish they made a better game for it.

SwiffEpics1143d ago

Doesn't look great, but the concept is enough to make me interested.

rbailey1142d ago

Perhaps I'll check this out one day but definitely not anytime soon.

Venomousfatman1142d ago

You won't be missing much if you skip it. They need to make a better game based on SAO. They should look a lot more to the Naruto games and see what worked there to adopt into a good SAO game.

nidhogg1142d ago

I already got this for the Vita. Im interested in knowing if the performance issues are fixed on the PS4 yet i don't really wanna buy it again. It's really a solid game though and a lengthy one too.

rdgneoz31142d ago

And for $20 by itself or free if you preorder Lost Song, it's not bad at all. Hell, there are 25 floors in Aincrad to beat and a bunch of bosses in the Hollow World (not to mention a ton of missions), as well as 4 player MP (and 1 NPC per player, so 8 character boss fights online).

And that's not to mention all the skill trees to level, implementations to complete, relationships to level, and fun nods to the anime / manga / light novel. They're also suppose to be adding dlc from the vita soon.

Venomousfatman1142d ago

After playing it for review, there are a lot of technical issues in the game in multiple spots. There are some good aspects of it, but the whole experience is heavily bogged down by its shortcomings.