Xbox Live Confirmed for HoloLens

VRFocus reports that Microsoft's HoloLens has been confirmed to support Xbox Live at the recent GDC Europe 2015 conference today.

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ScorpiusX1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Day one purchase confirmed.

ScorpiusX1023d ago

Some disagrees to how I spend my money , that's insane and just downright stupid .

uptownsoul1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

I think the disagrees are more about your commitment to purchase a device (Day One) when little to no gaming information is known about that device. Now if you personally have non-gaming uses for HoloLens, cool. But as far as gaming, other than Minecraft, nobody knows any real info on how HoloLens will be implemented.

lokirevamped1023d ago

+1 on the day one purchase, also +1 on users upset on how you spend your money. I buy things because I want them, not because of others, plus that's a perk to having a great job. If my son wants one I will buy him one to compliment his X1 as well.

Mr Pumblechook1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Notice they say it will support Xbox Live (the online service as used by Windows 10) and not Xbox One (the console).

Godmars2901023d ago

Much like with Kinect, I doubt MS really knows what to do with Hololens.

They know how to present it, what they want it to do that different/improved over similar tech like Googelglass, but when it comes to the actual hardware its likely that they figure that any shortcomings can/will be fixed via software updates. The second version of it.

ScorpiusX1023d ago

@Uptown soul that's the beauty of me buying thing, I don't always need to know what direction it's going in or how far. just the fact that the concept has captured my imagination and shows potential of doing things beyond what brought it to a product. MO

JasonKCK1023d ago

Mr Pumblechook "Notice they say it will support Xbox Live (the online service as used by Windows 10) and not Xbox One (the console)."

On what planet does Xbox Live mean something other than Xbox Live?

When you get to the bottom of the barrel and find that it's empty. That means it's empty, so stop reaching. That goes for you too Godmars290.

Mr Pumblechook1022d ago

@JasonKCK. Not reaching at all, just keeping an open mind. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a recent mission statement spoke about the future of Microsoft where he talked about MS services being available on any platform. He said "We will bring together Xbox Live and our first-party gaming efforts across PC, console, mobile."

The way he worded it was that Xbox Live, like other MS products was a service, he didn't mention Xbox as a platform. Of course much of this is about interpretation but because you or I as gamers have an idea of what 'Xbox' is, it doesn't mean that Microsoft will never change or improve upon it! So it's good to be receptive to new possibilities that we haven't thought of. :)

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lokirevamped1023d ago

@ uptownsoul ,

Not you but the others you speak of. I am a huge tech nut, what better way for me to show my interest in a developer's idea than buying and testing their idea. I'm lucky enough to not have to worry about the next version, if the first model works, it works, if the next model does more of what I like and want, I will buy the next model.

uptownsoul1023d ago

Again I would like to reiterate that nobody is questioning your right or ability to purchase the device. People are questioning your 100% commitment to purchasing a device, day one, that nobody outside of Microsoft knows much about.

itsmebryan1023d ago

I'm also a tech nut that is one of the main reason I got the Xbox One over the PS4 besides games. It was worth $100 more day 1 to talk to my TV. I use the Kinect just about everyday.

raggy-rocket1023d ago

I don't care about the FOV. To me it's so irrelevant when compared to what you can actually do with Hololens and its potential for real life top down RTS games.

Immorals1023d ago

The FOV would be a huge problem for VR, as that is your entire vision. AR, less of an issue as you still have vision of the real world.

I'm on the fence, I'd like to see how it's used before I pass judgement

rdgneoz31023d ago

Hopefully it increases a little more so it lives up the what they've been marketing.

You might have vision of the real world, but having half the character or object cut off somewhat ruins the experience.

lokirevamped1023d ago


How about us Married people who have been married for decades. Pop the Holo Lens on and now we have a true to life Mystique (from the X-Men), instant marriage rebuild.

SegaGamer1023d ago

The field of view is a major issue for me. It would be like playing a game cropped.

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Jerry Seinfeld1023d ago

I am confused... The HoloLens has always been meant for use with the XB1, right? Like how Sony has Morpheus. Right? Am I missing something? Why would they need to announce that it works with XB Live?? Why would they release it or even make it if it couldn't function while the console was online? I have to be missing something here. Please tell me I'm missing something!!

BlackPanther1023d ago

Hololens isn't a peripheral it is a standalone device unlike Morpheus. As it stands now it doesn't work with the Xbox One or at least not been announced.

Jerry Seinfeld1023d ago

It doesn't work with the XB1? That E3 event was a bit misleading then...

donthate1023d ago


HoloLens is a standalone device that can work with the Xbox One.

Keyword is CAN. The application of HoloLens is that it has a wider application than just gaming. The Kinect did too, but was marketed as a niche gaming product so I think this is the right approach.

Death1023d ago

HoloLens was not made for the Xbox. The Xbox is one of the devices it will work with. Microsoft is making the device with multiple applications and isn't limited to gaming only like Morpheus. The applications are limited to what developers can think of.

Jerry Seinfeld1023d ago

Ok, that makes sense, but I still don't understand this announcement about it working with XBL. I mean if it works with the XB1 wouldn't the online portion of the XB1 be a given? It is just another screen. Albeit a way more high tech screen, but you don't see Samsung having to announce its TVs working with the online portions of consoles. Wait a second... is this article saying that the HoloLense its self will have XBL on it like how TVs come with Netflix on them? Is that what this announcement is about? That's pretty cool.

Death1023d ago

I think it has more to do with the way content will be made available. Microsoft seems to be bringing Xbox into the Windows family of devices. The Xbox One essentially being a Win10 device, the store front for Xbox, PC, and HoloLens will be the same. With Windows 10 we are already seeing Xbox integration with the Xbox app. Access to friends list and messaging is now cross platform with universal apps to come. I truly believe we will be seeing an official emulator hitting PC soon when the 360 library is released to the store along with backwards compatibility. It looks like Microsoft wants one service and one store for all devices. It's pretty ambitious and a natural evolution for both their OS and gaming platforms.

rpgfan1023d ago

you do know there is more to Morpheus then gaming. like the vr cinema they are also looking to bring it to schools as a teaching aid. and Sony already said the Morpheus is more then gaming there just focusing on gaming now and will revel the other things it can do later.

Death1023d ago

Gaming is the only application Morpheus has and we really haven't seen much more than tech demos so far. You are referencing this:

"For Sony, game users are the first target audience, but Mr. Yoshida said he hoped to attract non-gamers eventually.

“With the Morpheus and PlayStation 4, we can offer them a totally new virtual reality experience in a lighthearted and fun manner,” he said, citing examples such as virtual travel and education. The 3-D virtual world might allow teachers to show students objects in a way that isn’t possible through textbooks or tablets, he said."

That isn't a planned application, it's a dream at best. It would cost less to throw all the kids on a bus to NASA and send them to a new world on the space shuttle than it would be to buy that many PS4's and Morheus VR helmets. Unless we are talking about the educational aspects Morheus would bring to the school library where it could keep books propped upright and papers held down on the librarians desk.

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