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EB: With over 10,000 available gamerscore and 30 years of backlogged gameplay, Rare Replay is an insane value and the perfect example of what a remastering should feel like in 2015. It seems that we settle too often for a game in 1080p running at 60fps, with no exciting additions (even if the game was released the year prior!) as a suitable excuse to buy the same game twice. Let Rare Replay be the industry standard for an HD Collection, and let yourself fall in love with the classic games available within this colorful and celebratory masterpiece.

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DirtyPete1112d ago

Glad to see this game a great score! :)

nowitzki20041112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

you mean games collection? Should not get under a 9.0,90,4.5 etc... For $30 you get a lot of great games.

Lon3wolf1112d ago

Which has nothing to do with a score being given, you can buy 100 games for 2.99 on PC, can you imagine the rubbish you get on that collection?

OT Glad this is getting good reviews so far and they hadn't totally messed up the move to XBone.

nowitzki20041112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )


Where did I say it should get said review because of said amount of games? I have played most of these games in my lifetime and know its a good collection of games....

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MilkMan1112d ago

Just want to play Jet Force Gemini. Wanna give it one last day in court. That's it.

Software_Lover1112d ago

If it had online multiplayer.................

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