How 2K can right the wrongs made with WWE 2K15

Ben Shaw from We Know Gamers looks at how 2K can improve over last year's entry with WWE 2K16.

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Xbonewone320151107d ago

They cant.

They ditched HH.

Worst mistake ever.

TheCommentator1107d ago

And replaced him with Arnold, who's also made inflammitory remarks. Smart.

Xbonewone320151107d ago

Neither of them has done anything wrong.

Its the stupic PC SJW's crowd making mountains out of mole hills as usual.

TheCommentator1107d ago

Yeah. It's funny how we all want freedom from rules and hypocracy but complain anytime someone does something we disagree with. Society seems content with manufacturing their own prison out of all the SJW BS. Can't fart in the wrong direction these days without getting raked over the coals or have everyone disassociate from you so your stink doesn't wind up on them. What we really need are some SJW-JW's to smooth things out. Freedom of speech, yay!

Hysteria941107d ago

You can't be serious? hulk hogan is a overrated racist moron who has an ego the size of Jupiter plus his move set totally sucks anyways haha.

Xbonewone320151107d ago

HH is the Mike Tyson of the wrestling world.

A global phenominom.

Sad that you are too young to know this :(

Hysteria941107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Yeah I guess I'm kinda young because I'm only 21 but I'm a massive wrestling have been a fan since I was 5 and I'm not denying what he did for wrestling but it's a fact that he's a home wrecker and that he rarely puts anyone over and when he did it was purely for his gain and only a handful of people ever beat him in a clean match... Also Mike Tyson is a rapist so yeah he is also overrated but he was amazing in his prime.. ( p.s age doesn't mean jack)

BillytheBarbarian1107d ago

2k needs to ditch Yukes just to give another engine a try at similation wrestling. Can't they find Ace/Asmik and the Aki engine? I'd love to see what a current gen game would look and play like. The closest thing is playing N64 WWF No Mercy on my 360 with an emulator.

WWE just needs an overhaul. Like Madden, it's become little more than roster changes.

jdubrady1107d ago

I agree. I just watched gameplay of 2k16....looks and feels like its the exact same as last year. the games are just so boring. I remember actually having FUN playing PS2 games like Here comes the Pain, and the N64 titles like No mercy. I feel like the games just got worse once they start doing the smackdown vs RaW/wwe13/2k games. Yukes lost their touch. 2k needs to find new a developer.

hduce1107d ago

If they find Ace/Asmik and use the Aki engine, I would buy two copies.

keegamer801107d ago

It's an attitude wwe game anyways. Biggest roster yet. It doesn't need Hogan.

1107d ago
titans99991107d ago


No Hulk Hogan.....then I will NOT be buying this crap!