Windows "Mojave:" Another sign that Microsoft just doesn't get it

InfoWorld Writes: "It's like that classic Folgers Coffee commercial: "We've secretly replaced their regular coffee with dark, sparkling Folgers crystals. Let's see what happens." Only instead of some food conglomerate sneaking around restaurants replacing coffee grounds, it's Microsoft that's pulling the big switcharoo.

The "marks?" Unsuspecting XP users who have supposedly dismissed Windows Vista, sight-unseen, because they heard somewhere -- from a friend, on the Internet, in the mainstream media -- that it sucks. These users are then allowed to try out what they are told is a "future" version of Windows (code named "Mojave"). In fact, what they are actually test driving is Windows Vista -- apparently, these people live under a rock because that day-glo, semi-transparent Aero color scheme is usually a dead giveaway.

Regardless, these "duped" users inevitably give the Windows Mojave preview a thumbs up, at which point Microsoft does the whole big reveal scene ("we lied -- it's really Windows Vista!") and the users walk away with a new, positive opinion of Microsoft's latest and greatest. And, of course, Microsoft then trumpets these dubious "findings" as proof that Vista's failure in the marketplace has more to do with customer perception (and a healthy dose of media bias) than any real problems with the OS."

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andron6663639d ago


They should invest time and money in making a better OS, but instead they try to "change" Vista from a frog to a princess...