Psyonix 'looking into' Rocket League on other platforms

GameZone: "Psyonix hasn't announced an Xbox One version of Rocket League yet, but in a recent interview with GameZone that will be published in full later this week, the developer confirmed they are looking into bringing the wildly popular cars-meets-soccer game to other platforms."

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TheHaloGuy1141d ago

Oh boy, here I go killin' again.

PaleMoonDeath1141d ago

I reckon this game should be multiplatform completely, the amount of hours spent online on this thing with my mates is unreal, what EVERYONE would benefit is having cross platform online play, this game is begging for it!

Imagine how dope that would be.

Wolfenstein511141d ago

Well, usually my fanboy comes out and says - this should stay a PS4/PC exclusive, but goddamn - the whole world NEEDS to experience this game. This is HANDS DOWN no questions asked - the BEST multiplayer game ever created. Easy to pick up - difficult to master (I swear trying to score an aerial goal is gonna be the death of me), the gameplay is very fair (I am looking at you COD), its incredibly fun, and it shows you what can happen when developers put some passion into their game. Rocket League is, in my opinion, one of the best games ever conceived and it deserves all the attention it is getting. I will probably buy all the DLC for this game because I feel guilty for playing this game for free.

lifesanrpg1140d ago

I, too, have yet to score an aerial goal. I think trying so hard to do so has actually made me a worse player overall.