What Shenmue Did So Well & The Challenge for Shenmue III

Shenmue has been known by its unfinished legacy. The marketing campaign for Shenmue III did nothing but play/prey on that sense of nostalgia. But what is the Shenmue legacy? And will Shenmue III be able to achieve the same levels of innovation that Shenmue originally had done on the Dreamcast?

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MrsNesbitt1108d ago

I never even heard of shenmue before the kickstarter became so prominent! Shame on me :(

Ashistheking1108d ago

same, all this hype is making me want to jump the bandwagon. Also great article !

ShugaCane1108d ago

Replayed it recently and it hasn't aged a bit. Still as amazing as it was back the.

A tremendous game, wich has influenced modern gaming in more ways that you could imagine.

You have to play it at least once in your life, for your personal gaming culture. So go ahead !

Maple221108d ago

Same for me too... All this talk is making me want to look into it though!

gangsta_red1107d ago

The hype is defeintly building for this game which is a good and bad thing.

Good, because it gets more poeple interested and aware of this game.

Bad, because the hype may be bigger than the actual game.

Back then the game was a big deal, open world, heavy story driven type of game (it still had some major flaws though). But since then we have had a great number of open world games that have done way better than what Shenmue achieved those years ago.

I just can't see Shenmue being a success or even bringing anything new to an already crowded open world market.

Pillsbury11107d ago

It was the original semi-open world immersive environment game. The environment, characters and story all made it a very believable and emotional game.

Tdmd1107d ago

For me, it was the game's atmosphere. It always felt just so immersive! Also, at that time, day'n'night cycle and open world games were something very fresh. Not to mention how balanced it was: it had this mix between genres, like modern action with rpg system all the while it still felt a bit like old-schools point&click adventure games. I have no idea how Yu Suzuki will manage to make that magic again, nor if it's even possible nowdays, but I am dieing to see what will he do to the series!