Zombi Rises From the Dead to come to PS4 & Xbox One and I Couldn't Be Happier

Neal reacts to the news ZombiU is coming over to the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One with some joy and some concerns.

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iplay1up21081d ago

There is no way this will be the same. I will bet its going to be easier. With the gamepad there is no pausing to switch weapons while a Zombi is on your tail.

Anyway great game, but the gamepad really made the game that much better. I bet they up graphics a bit, although the grainy atmosphere fit the game well.

christian hour1081d ago

I kinda wish they'd use the same naming format they did with ZombiU, only because I'd love to see a title on store shelves called "ZomBONE" and "ZombiPS", Zombone in particular.

gamingpro1081d ago

If it's going multi platform it will definitely have to be easier to cater for the ps4 audience as it's mainly casuals that have bought ps4 and they are used to cinematic games with little involvement or gameplay.

This game requires skill and a lot more involvement and gameplay mechanics that the Sony audience will struggle with. They just arnt used to challenging or difficult games.

SolidGear31081d ago

Bloodborne? Demon's Souls?

Metallox1081d ago

Just say you don't want the game to go multiplatform and that's it.

ShinMaster1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

LMAO whatever helps you sleep at night, fanboy.

You know this game is also coming to Xbox and PC, right? But you chose to ignore those and focus on attacking the PS4 fanbase. Nice.

Didn't you say last week that only Sony fanboys start sh*t? And everyone else just "defended"?
And yet here you are, starting sh*t and acting all insecure about a Wii U game going multiplatform. It's the same with all your other comments.

Picnic1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Puppeteer isn't always a walk in the park.

And parts of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and the last third of Uncharted 3 could be tough.

As for Shadow of the collosus, I didn't find that easy to play.

I will say that Xbox games do sometimes demand a large amount of skill and creativity in unexpected places though. e.g. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Super Meat Boy and, shortly, Cuphead is said to not be set at an easy difficulty level.

I always think that Sony primarily have a story focus where they want you to see the whole story whereas Xbox still have a bit of that arcadey, heir to Dreamcast, vibe where you do challenge a lot sometimes in any genre. And Killer Instinct is a very arcade-looking game whereas PS4 owners must 'make do' with a third party game, Streetfighter 5 which, of course, is a truly arcade series but not Sony's own.

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Metallox1081d ago

There's something called research and development, something Ubisoft has. I'm sure the game will be adapted decently, but hey, it will still be a downgraded version, that's correct.

ShinMaster1081d ago

Who says the game needs to be paused?
The Last of Us, for example, had you switching weapons and crafting items on the fly, without pausing the game.

Knushwood Butt1081d ago

It's now going to have real time weapon changing for massive damage.

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jcnba281081d ago

Excited about the downgraded version? Lol

superchiller1081d ago

Except the next gen versions are going to look much better than the grainy Wii U version, and will probably come with big improvements to gameplay as well. So no, not downgraded versions, quite the opposite.

stragomccloud1081d ago

The gamepad-less version lacks gamepad, so it's down graded. Have fun with your watered down experience.

yewles11081d ago

Being able to focus on the gamePLAY a lot more than the gamePAD is not a downgrade.

rjason121081d ago

Touch controls gone, no multiplayer, barely any increase to visuals, download only title, it's def downgraded, ooooo slightly better graphics, an extra gun, 2 more melee weapons, and a second flashlight, sooooo much better.

marloc_x1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

It will be interesting,
as to how much effort Ubi does put into porting this old game.
I would encourage anyone to play Zombi regardless :)

ShinMaster1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

This was the game that was supposed to prove the Wii U's Gamepad at launch. So I feel like the fanboys are just afraid that this release will prove that the touch controls of the GamePad were unnecessary.

Who says the game will be paused? Other games have had you switching weapons on the fly without pausing the game.

Better graphics and more weapons are still not considered a "downgrade". Sorry, rjason12.

rjason121081d ago

Yeah, but no multiplayer, and the main focus of the game, "the gamepad" is gone, and it's a download only title now. It's def a downgrade, and it's going to be a generic zombie title now.

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_-EDMIX-_1081d ago

its coming to PC, XONE and PS4, many are excited its 1 more game they can own.

Last I word yet on FFXV, MGSV, KH III or Fallout 4 coming to Wii U.

More games is a good thing..

1080d ago
_-EDMIX-_1080d ago

Stopped reading at "And where is" lol, you can't start a sentence with "And" lolz.

GordonKnight1080d ago


There are people that have all three consoles and we laugh at gamers that talk about what games are coming to what consoles.

I just hope UBI does the game right.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1079d ago

I have a Wii U and PS4. Just like it always been.
Nintendo first then get PS system after since N64.

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ZeekQuattro1081d ago

Did someone forgot this is an Ubisoft game? Considering the lazy port job they did on the Wii U. Remember the game started out as a PS3/360. What makes anyone think that because the graphics will be shiner and having one of its key gameplay removed will equal a better game. lol I was all about this game until I finally played and beat it. Sure its somewhat fun but finding out that the game took more money to make than Metal Gear Solid 4 and yet was so unpolished and looked no where near as nice kinda soured the experience. Outside the story there wasn't anything to do but play offline MP. I even tried to defend the lack of multiple melee weapons at one point. This should be a budget release. If not don't bother buying it day 1. Take advice from someone that did.

rjason121081d ago

Where'd you hear that it had more money sunk into it then mgs4?

ZeekQuattro1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Ubisoft said it years ago. There was at least one article posted about it. It was a response to Ubisoft saying half a million sold wasn't good enough. N4g is not the most user friendly place so good luck finding it on here. Most of the money was wasted because the game started out as something else and they scrapped the idea and made it a zombie game instead.

SteamPowered1081d ago

FYI - this game is also releasing on PC.

Lon3wolf1081d ago

Was about to post same thing, already played it on my Wii-U not sure about having no 2nd screen but will keep an open mind and may pick it up on another platform.

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