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"The first Rare game I ever played was Snake Rattle 'n' Roll in 1990, but the company has been around for quite some time. Vs. Slalom was technically Rare's first title. Tim and Chris Stamper, the heart and soul of the company until their departure in 2007, created their first game called Jetpac, in 1983."

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Septic1021d ago

An awesome collection. No one can moan about this one. And for that price...its a steal.

Rookie_Monster1021d ago

I have no idea how two disagree bunnies got on there but I totally agreed with what you are saying. This collection of games will be amazing and will stream play it on my windows 10 PC while have my eyes on the Gamescom conference and the N4G comment section at the same time tomorrow. Should be a fun day. :)

Black0ut1021d ago

Well said Sep. I can't wait to get my hands on all this nostalgia ^_^

gangsta_red1021d ago

Two Battletoad games, RC Prom AM one and two and both Perfect Dark games are more than enough...then you throw in Conker, Grabbed by Ghoulies, Get Force Gemini and Blast Corps plus many more and this is practically a steal.

If this is a success then it should send a very clear message to MS that gamers are waiting for new entries for these classic IP's. MS is just sitting on a ton of great IP's, it's almost criminal they haven't used them...I mean look at KI!

Testfire1021d ago

RC Pro Am was a personal favorite of mine. Anyone have any clue how they handled the letters you got that spelled Nintendo?

gangsta_red1021d ago

Ooooh yea, forgot about that! Maybe you have to spell Microsoft now??