Final Fantasy XII Remake Announcement Was A Mistake, Clarifies Distant Worlds Producer

Final Fantasy XII was in the spotlight recently for a potential announcement of a Remake/Remaster of the game. This announcement was made by Arnie Roth at Distant Worlds in Pittsburgh.

Once the news of the announcement made it to every major news outlet, the producer of Distant Worlds, Arnie Roth has clarified his original comments stating that he was talking about the Final Fantasy XII concert arrangements and not a Remake of the game.

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kayoss898d ago

He's just trying to put out the fire but there will be a final fantasy remake of 12 and then FF8.

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Mr Pumblechook898d ago

LOL! You can't put the genie back in the bottle. I'm guessing the plan was to reveal this at Sony's Tokyo game conference.

dumahim898d ago

I think he just got mixed up by the roman numerals. VII and XII. Happens a lot.

Ravenheartzero898d ago


That award goes to FF13.

KimikoGaming898d ago


FF8 was definitely better than FF1, FF2, FF3, FF10-2, FF11, and FF13. I don't think there is anyone who truly thinks otherwise except for the new FF fans who FF13 was their first FF game.

As for the others, it is really up to taste.

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bouzebbal898d ago

At least now they know how much we want this remaster.

bangoskank898d ago

I think he's just a musician who knows sh!t about the games so it's very likely that he just screwed up. That's too bad.

Unreal01898d ago

There won't be a remake of Final Fantasy 12 but there will certainly be a remaster. This guy pretty much confirmed it here by saying the music compositions were being remade. Clearly FF12 is getting the FF10/10-2 treatment, and I'm sure Sony & Square have it saved for Tokyo Game Show.

jambola897d ago


It's up to taste no matter what
why do people love to throw that out? "if you like ff13 most it's probably your fist rpg"
I loved ff13 and i've been playing final fantasy sonce before i knew how to work some of the things properly,
and why do people never say the same thing to people who like ff14 most?

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SliceOfTruth888898d ago

Thankfully because this getting remade before 6, 8 or 9 was seriously depressing

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spacedelete898d ago

6, 7 and 9 will never get remaked because they don't have much appeal or demand for a remake or remaster as 7 and 12. the best you can hope for is a dirty PC port like FF7 PC port. you need to get over it because they will never remake those.

dumahim898d ago

7 doesn't have as much appeal or demand as 7? Ok.

SliceOfTruth888898d ago

besides the obvious typo made in your post, i refuse to believe 12 has more hype than either of the 3 i mentioned

pyroxxx898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

I am pretty sure it was never going to be a remake,.. but a remaster with proper 16:9 proportion,..and maybe some higher reso assets

Only played some of it on emulator,.. and I loved it,..
I really hope it gets released,..

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