Halo Is No Longer Exclusive to Xbox Platforms, We have a board game

SegmentNext - The world of Halo has been exclusive to Xbox platforms for as long as anyone can remember, but things are changed. You will no longer require an Xbox 360 or Xbox One to play Halo games.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Halo hasn't been exclusive for years. The first was released on PC like 12 years a go. I even think it had a mac release.

Xbox is losing most of it's exclusives. Very few true exclusives remain on it

N0TaB0T1079d ago

And you're a poster child of idiot wars AKA console wars.

zidane13411078d ago

Hmm could have sworn wereabout to several. Not up mention most of exclusives hasn't bombed except for the sole exception to bloodborne. Yeah, Xbox is really screwed LMAO.

Erik73571078d ago

You can play halo online right now on PC....even though it's only in Russia its very easy to play it in America with other Americans....

CaptainSellers1079d ago

Most obvious clickbait if you ever saw it, just wow.

Saranya1079d ago

LOL looks very nice joke.

One-Shot1079d ago

Halo 1 and 2 are on PC...

cpayne931079d ago

Yup. There's also spartan assault. I guess he just couldn't resist using that title.

iTechHeads1079d ago

There's also a crappy mobile games.

Ciporta19801079d ago

We've had mega blocks for years now.

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The story is too old to be commented.