ZTGD | Rare Replay Review

Ken McKown writes: Compilations are pretty common in the gaming business. Sega seems to pump one out every generation, well at least one anyways. I love these packages, as they give me a chance to play a bunch of past games all in one spot. When Microsoft announced at E3 that the next one of these would be coming from none other than Rare, I lost it. I admit, I am a total fanboy of the company. I love almost every game they have ever produced, so the idea of having a sort of greatest hits collection for $30 had me ecstatic.

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StrayaKNT1146d ago

And here you have it another brilliant bunch of games added to the Xbox library. Half an hour until I get to play can't wait :)

Kribwalker1146d ago

I'm on vacation but as soon as I'm back its already pre-loaded 😎

StrayaKNT1146d ago

Same I pre loaded I can play in five minutes :)

TwoForce1146d ago

The old school is back and better than ever. Well Done, Rare.

Dread1146d ago

Talk about value!!!!!

etownone1146d ago

No thank you...

I love my Xbox1. .. but not interested in any of these games.

Team_Litt1145d ago

Thank you so much for coming here and sharing that with us. Good news, we have logged your comment and you no longer need to repeat it in any of the articles/reviews pertaining this collection.
Okay. Thanks. Bye.

etownone1144d ago

I read the review, and still didn't catch my interest.

So.. I post... Cause I felt like it.

Now move along kid and go play in traffic.

ZhukNasimPog1145d ago

Why waste electricity to post that then?

etownone1144d ago

I can say the same to you kid.

fanboysmackdown1145d ago

I'm with the author when he stated Conker Live and Reloaded but still happy that Bad Fur Day is on the list, maybe L&R will come later. Anyway, what a great collection of games.