The Sony Factor

Article by The illmatic Genuis: "Since 2005 I felt like Sony's hold on backwards compatibility was a farce. On television and on podcasts I have said Sony is only boasting backwards compatibility because they feel Microsoft doesn't have an answer for it. In November 2006 the PS3 was launched with critical skepticism about backwards compatibility."

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Real Gambler3638d ago

After 16357 articles about Backward Compatibility, I thought we were finally at the end of it. But every now and then, somebody has to bring it back.

Now reading 16358 : )

Lifendz3638d ago

and as someone that doesn't own a PS2, having a PS2 built was great for the first year of the PS3's lifecycle. Now, I could care less. I don't even play any PS2 games on my PS3 anymore. And considering that there's over 120 million PS2s out there worldwide, chances are if you own enough PS2 games that BC matters to you....well then you probably own a PS2, no?

BC is only an issue when a console first launches and has no games. After year one hardly anyone cares about it.