Stingray Game Engine Detailed, To Be Launched On August 19th

Autodesk has announced that its new Stingray game engine will be available to game developers worldwide beginning August 19th. Later this summer, Autodesk will also offer Autodesk Maya LT Desktop Subscription customers access to Autodesk Stingray as part of their subscription.

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phoenixwake1112d ago

Competition is good. I just hope its optimized cause the last thing we need is another Ubisoft or early CryEngine on our hands for PC gamers to have to wrangle.

Anonagrog1112d ago

Well, this engine is the Bitsquid engine under a different name, so without even looking at the code I think it would be safe to assume much of the engine was designed around efficient use of the h/w. There's a blog available detailing it's first few years of their development:

A small team, but them being data-oriented design advocates is usually an inkling that they understand working to the performance penalties of h/w and the implications that can have on designing large code-bases.

3-4-51112d ago

The More Game Engines the better, as it gives the opportunity for games to have their own unique gameplay and art style along with the fact that competition is great.