Is a Final Fantasy XII remaster necessary?

Dealspwn: Here at Dealspwn, we take each remaster as it comes and examine it on its own merits in terms of value and the perceived desire for it to exist in the first place. The latest title to apparently get the HD/Remaster treatment will be 2006's PS2 title, Final Fantasy XII. Is this more cash-grabbing and recycling of old games, or an essential chance to catch up with one of the PS2's last hailed gems? Let's take a look.

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TheImprobableMulk1142d ago

There is no doubt an audience there for such a remaster, but I won't be part of it. For me, FFXII was where the series started going downhill. I didn't like the gameplay changes, and I disliked most of the characters (except for Balthier and Fran, obviously) to the point that I was never able to finish it.

Ocsta1142d ago

Damn dude you actually remember some of the characters. That's more than I can say.

Hoffmann1142d ago

How is it even possible to forget Fran?

Elda1142d ago

Agreed!..I didn't mind the gameplay in FF-XII & it was a gorgeous game like all FF games but the story & characters just weren't memorable.I don't remember their names or what the story was about & I only played it once.The FF's with the great stories I usually play twice.

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Becuzisaid1142d ago

I never finished it because the story didn't really get me. I didn't mind most of the characters other than Vaan, but I actually did enjoy the combat.

kayoss1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Its funny, because i really thought Final fantasy X-2 was where it went down hill.
Final fantasy 12 was really different from all the FF games i played (until that abomination ff13). I didnt like it at first but after a while i was engrossed in the game and story. FF12 was one of my top favorites.
I remember watching my friend running through the map to try to get the ultimate weapon while being under leveled.

3-4-51142d ago

It was a mistake...He was talking about FF12 music arrangements.

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Blastoise1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

If I could pick one game to be remastered it'd be this one, it was crazy ahead of it's time and I'm really hoping it's gonna be on Vita too

Ocsta1142d ago

No. This was the game that heralded the decline of Final Fantasy.

MeteorPanda1142d ago

did you play it? l'd say this was one of their best, it just had a horrible flagship character. The game had everything and then some. I miss hunts.

I think the 11 launch and the 13 series had more impact in the decline of SE over the last decade.

Good news is the company seems to be back on their feet! I'm so happy

Ocsta1142d ago

Yes I did. But as someone who grew up on Final Fantasy 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, 12 was a horrid jumble of conflicting ideas, bland unmemorable characters and a WTF story. I agree that Square is looking amazing again though. Wonder what happened.

ninsigma1142d ago

I put 12 and 13 series in the same boat. Couldn't stand them to the point I couldn't play them. I'm surprised by the number of people that do like 12 though, so I think there's no reason not to make it if there is enough people to play!
I never played 11 so no opinion.

RPGrinder1142d ago

No but the chance to play it on PS4/3DS is tempting

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Revengeance1142d ago

Yup. Bring it to PS4 where it belongs.

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