Red Dead Redemption 2: 8 things it needs

With Red Dead 2 rumoured for a Gamescom unveiling, here are eight things to spruce up the Wild West.

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daBUSHwhaka990d ago

Release date will be enough for me thank you very kindly.

kneon990d ago

Whatever their release date is, I'd prefer they push it back several months so they can do some decent QA.

RDR was full of bugs, some where only cosmetic, some were even humorous, but there were plenty that were also game breaking.

Crimzon990d ago

That's because Rockstar fired all the staff who made the game the moment it launched. The game had troubled development and Rockstar expected it to be a huge flop so they just fired everyone. They were shocked when it turned out to be a huge critical and commercial success.

3-4-5990d ago

Rockstar makes better Red Dead games then it does GTA games.

kendrick12990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

You mean red dead 3.

Porcelain_Chicken990d ago

Humanity is doomed to get that wrong till the end of time. Kinda like Skyrim 2.

NukaCola990d ago

Red Dead 3: Red Dead Redemption 2?

SolidGear3990d ago

Hey I was gonna say that, lol

-Foxtrot990d ago

A secret DeLorean easter egg hidden in a cave

sloth3395990d ago

I just hope they don't do a GTA and keep it 1 main person u play as

SaveFerris990d ago

Personally, I'd prefer to have a new storyline that takes place before 1911. Not really liking the idea of multiple protagonists. I think it would be better to concentrate on a single protagonist and story that isn't related to the events of Red Dead Redemption or Revolver.

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