Resistance 2 vs. Gears of War 2:The Comparison

Next Gen Watercooler: "When you first look at these two titles you would think that there couldn't be much of a comparison other than they are shooters. When you pull back the curtain on these two games you will see quite a bit in common. This is basically a comparison of what I've seen so far and it's a personal opinion. I'll be buying both games in November."

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Capt CHAOS3670d ago

next up.. What will be better?
Resistance 3 or Gears of War 3?

Overr8ed3670d ago

They confirmed both Resistance 3 and Gears 3!!! I need to write on my blog and make an unaccurate comparison of both games even though i know that Resistance and Gears are 2 very different games (FPS and TPS), i will compare the two to attempt to start a Forest Fire in N4G.

cahill3670d ago

It is a no brainer since it has all the features and incredible gameplay with 60 player online, 8 player co-op, multiple SP missions and 300 feet bosses

it wins in graphics too

socomnick3670d ago


So how long have you been legally blind ?

GiantEnemyCrab3670d ago

@1.2: Sorry mate I have to disagree. While R2 may sport larger #'s with multiplayer and the seperate co-op story the rest looks mediocre. Just another FPS in a pool of a million FPS's and Gears has it beat graphically.

sonarus3670d ago

Graphics goes to gears by a rather significant margin. Not as drastic a margin as Gears 1 and R1 but the margin is still there. Resistance looks great but its not going to win any awards for graphics

Story: I'll be damned if the makers of unreal tournament manage to tell a better story than insomniac games. Epic is apparently putting a lot of effort into story this time which will actually be their first real attempt. As far as i am concerned there is no tie, R2 will beat gears in terms of story simply based of being more experienced.

Gameplay: Really depends insomniac is great but gears of war 1 won me over with its great gameplay. Sure the gameplay won't be as great as it was before since i have played a lot of similar games so the cover system and all that has sort of lost its novelty but resistance is STILL another FPS. In the market where we pretty much drown ourselves in FPS i would give Gears of war 2 the edge.

Multiplayer i will also give to Resistance and not just because of 60p multiplayer just because i thought multiplayer on gears 1 sucked.

Kratos Spartan3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Gears has the edge in graphics. Hey I saw the E3 Resistance footage, and the graphics weren't too sharp. Killzone 2 spoiled us, i guess.

Truplaya3670d ago

bubbles for overr8ed and socomnick, lol

motts3670d ago

Visually I think people are going to say Gears looks better. Because they use such small screens and areas, as well as keeping a huge badass ape of a man on your screen at all times the details should be, and are, amazing. Resistance was not up there in graphics imo, but 2 has gotten huge upgrades. It's levels are huge, and ghe graphics are amazing for levels so big.

Storyline...Resistance 2. Resistance one's story line was pretty good imo, and now they actually are having actors talk in cut scenes rather than just a narator. Epic will never have a storyline in their games...what was gears one "there are aliens go here and get them" lets be serious.

Online-Resistance gets it for size and a whole side story for the 8player co-op with different character types. Not just your typical, throw another guy on the screen deal. Gear's new online mode sounds cool, but still no where near enough guys and hosts have way too big an edge i hope they fixed it.

Gameplay-Id have to go gears. FPS are not as dynamic as TPS- unless killzone 2 proves its cover system works- fps 'strategy' is usually stand next to a wall for cover. Cover system + chainsaw ill give it to gears.

overall i hope resistance is better, because i have a ps3, but ill deff be playing both this year

La Chance3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I hate it when people try to put the 2 at the same level , I know theyre both shooters and good games but to ME in MY OPINION Res 2 cant toch Gears 2 (except for online where I think both might be equally good)

Its like comparing Splinter Cell and MGS.They are both great games and both same genre BUT MGS is miles ahead.The scores for MGS arent miles ahead of the scores Splinter Cell gets BUT you KNOW which one will be going down as more "epic" than the other.

Thats how I feel about Res 2 against Gears 2

@Diugi : in my original post I said "just imagine if Res2 was a 360 would be getting only 1/4 of the hype its getting now" .I erased because it sounded too fanboyish and didnt want to start a flame war.Thats how much I would care if Res 2 was on the 360.
Dont know about others...but I dont know any 360 gamer who would trade Res 2 with Gears 2.

Diugu3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

If Res 2 was on the 360 then the 360 fans would be saying it is the best game ever with rocking multiplayer and kickass graphics and the PS fans would be saying that it is a cool game and that they wished it would be on the PS3.

Like I am saying that Gears2 is a cool game and I hope it comes soon to the PC.

(EDIT: Nice to see you edited your post removing the sentence where you wonder what the reaction would be if Res 2 were on the 360)

Diugu3670d ago

Both games look terrific. I think Resistance 2 will rock.

I am really looking foward to fighting those huge bosses.

silverchode3670d ago

u like gears cuz you own a 360. i like resistance cuz i own a ps3. just cuz u think your game is better doesnt mean it is. just like if i said resistance is better doesnt make it true.

foodbox3670d ago


What are you talking about "if this was on Xbox 360..."?

Resistence is a "also ran" title. It sold moderate-to-good at best. Won very few awards.

ON THE OTHER HAND; Gears of War won piles of awards and has outsold R by **MILLIONS**.

The WHOLE industry knows that R isnt in the same league as Gears of War.

Gears of War 2 is going to be a MASSIVE hit and dominate the X-mass 2008 game industry. Without a doubt.

No one really cares about Resistance except Sony fanboys like yourself.

Amanosenpai3670d ago

So... stop b*tching them, both are great, very diferent games, with nice pros and very low cons...

@fanboys above GTFO, nice comment @sonarus...

sonarus3670d ago

When it comes to story and online, Resistance wins graphics and gameplay gears wins. That simple no two ways about it. Gears story will suck. Epic have been making games for over 15yrs and when have they ever made a game with a good story.

Epic games are awesome with online but i just think Resistance online will be better. Slight edge goes to gameplay for gears and a significant edge goes to gears. No two ways about it, gears is still one of the best looking games

Diugu3670d ago

I was just replying to La Chance.

Also, (this is personal opinion) I dont think the sales determine if a game is better than the other or not. Or if it doesnt sell it isnt good. Resistance is a GREAT game and Resistance is shaping up to be even better. That said, Gears of War is an awesome game.. there are some flaws that annoyed me... like it was a bit claustrophobic and it had no story (Just like all games made by Epic) but I enjoyed every second of it.

I expect Gears 2 to be more of the same.. and that is great. I am looking foward to it.

uie4rhig3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

1. is there even a point comparing them, those who have 360: good for you, buy GeoW2, those who have PS3: good for you too, buy R2.. those who have both.. good for you: buy both..
2. this is the most pointless comparison, neither is even out yet, and its being compared, even thought he (she?) is talking about something that may or may not be a flop (highly doubt either will be, but its the future, you never know)
3. GeoW3 and R3 comparison will be done 2moro, even thought they're still developing R2 and GeoW2 :/


PAPERCHASER03963670d ago

You know everytime articles like this come out the attacks begin.

It reminds me of the days in school when two kids where about to fight but really didnt want to, but you had that one person who always would put sticks on the others shoulders and say "Now knock them off" just so he could see the fight. We see a lot of articles on the Ps3 side that are just to start fights does anyone get my point?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3670d ago

Because one is in third person and the other is in first person it doesn't necessarily mean you can't compare them. The games have been compared before on Reviews on the Run and will most likely be compared again.

What about games like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 where it's a third and first person shooter? In the end a shooter is a shooter look at the elements in that game that are similar instead of the perspective. Another game would be Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway generally the only thing that can be different are the cover systems. Then you look at Killzone 2 with a first person cover than it's completely out of the window.

gaffyh3670d ago

Online - Resistance 2 > Gears 2
Graphics - Gears 2 > Resistance 2
Story - Resistance 2 > Gears 2 (Cos Epic always make crappy stories lol)

Bubble Buddy3670d ago

I'm still getting both lmfao.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

BOTTOM LINE: It's great not to be a fanboy. I pity those who bash another game just because it is on another system, a system other than the one you own or worship or love or sodomize (poor usb-port, I hope no body part is inserted there) or whatever you fanboys do. Both games will be amazing to play, I cant wait and I'm sure a lot of others cant wait to play both of these games! Honestly, with the lower prices of both the ps3 and xbox...and okay the wii is cheap too, there really is no reason to worship one system over another, get both!!!

Bangladesh3670d ago

From my experience with RFOM and Gears 1, there is no question that the Gears series is all around better. RFOM was generic graphically, online, and I played through the whole game and didn't realize the protagonists name until I read this ridiculious fanboy blog.

I personally am not interested in Generic FPS #2, but Gears 2 will not be missed.

yesah3670d ago

not only that i hate "comparisons" that in the end say the same BS

"ooh there both great games, read more of my blog because i like the game you do."

Playstation Man3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Even I, Playstation Man, am willing to toss Resistance off ship now. Killzone 2 is what it's all about mate, Resistance 60-player multiplayer or not.

When comparing Gears to Resistance, it's detail vs scale. In this case (for graphics whores) Gears wins. But Gears vs Killzone that's bambi vs Godzilla and Killzone 2 wins by a lot!

GIJeff3670d ago

after watching the video that cahill posted, its easy to see R2 is much better in graphics. And to anyone who disagrees, look at the lighting quality, draw distance, poly count, and shadows and pay attention. While i cant claim to know the actual poly count, I know UT3's engine pretty well, youll have to trust me on that, and most of the detail comes from bump/normal mapping. Its not a bad thing, but it just doesnt look as convincing as having more polys. Look how smooth hale's face is compared to the guy in gears. Up close the guy in gears' head looks like a stopsighn, you can see the points. In R2, there are no points, it looks super clean.

The Lazy One3670d ago

That Gears is going to explain WHY the locust are starting to come to the surface. Does no one remember "They do not understand. They do not know why we wage this war. Why we cannot stop. Will not stop. Why we will fight and fight and fight. Until we win, or we die... and we are not dead yet." There is a big plot twist afoot. Any time your entire race is willing to die not just fighting but attacking something, you know there's a damn good reason.

Bangladesh3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Gears 2 looks ALOT better than Resistance 2. Like so much better that they shouldn't be compared, because it wouldn't be fair to fans of Resistance. The only ps3 games that I have seen/played that are remotely close to Gears 2 graphically, are MGS4 and KZ2. See for yourself.

Alvadr3669d ago

il be buying both :P Dont care which is better.... Ahhhh lifes good

Jake11113669d ago

I played both games over and over.


- RFOM much better: Cities were detailed and buildings were 3D. I even noticed bricks and detail inside some buildings that you couldnt get into the window of. This is amazing.

- GOW textures were nicer but thats all. The buildings were usually big square blocks. Windows in RFOM could be shot and you could see the detail inside.


- GOW was compressed and bland
- RFOM was excellent and had a clear uncompressed sound.


- RFOM much better. More people etc. GOW felt rushed and also EPIC ran out of space.

Online CO-OP

- GOW won easily. RFOM didnt have online CO-OP which was a huge let down


- GOW. Cover and duck system should be the norm. Requires 3rd person though which I think is why RFOM neglects it.

Boss Battles:

- RFOM hands down!!
- The only boss worth any praise was the berzerker in GOW. The rest were on rails and pretty sad. How can Epic even justify the huge boss in the cavern. That was pathetic. SHOOT AT STOMACH, SHOOT AT MOUTH, HE BACKS UP INTO LAVA... pathetic.

** In my honest opinion. GOW is fun but thats it. It lacks depth and the boss battles are pathetic. Why? Microsoft doesnt want to make the game span to multiple disks. As it would be a nail in the coffen for the 360.

Therefore, Epic will have to compress the hell out of it. The sound will suffer, the game length will suffer, the boss battles will suffer.

Still, I will pick up both.....

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Altis13670d ago

So it the PS3 but its getting its ass handed to it by the Wii.

cahill3670d ago

Wii will be having its ass handed too

just wait for LBP to drop and ps3's price to go below 400$

back to topic

R2 wins . It is a no brainer

Veryangryxbot3670d ago

R2 is all about SCALE. And the SCALE of war.

They are pushing the genre and putting out new ideas. Greys of war is same old, same old.

R2 has 8 player COOP, each with a different story.
60 player multi player matches
300 feet boss battles
Parts of Chicago recreated for this game.

Greys of war is same old, same old.

R2 wins hands down. Looks prettier and is going to MURDER Greys of war this November.

TheColbertinator3670d ago

Its interesting how Gears 2 will sell better than Resistance even if its put down on the reviews.It will be hyped since Microsoft knows how to do that and will sell more than Resistance even if it gets an 80 % on the reviews.Its inevitable.Even if your game sella alot,it does'nt mean its the best game ever.Carnival Games,anyone?But I'm buying both and I hope they both turn out good.

As for the guys who think Resistance sucked,these guys would disagree

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3670d ago

GoldenEye(N64) vs. Gears of War 2:The Comparison

GoldenEye(N64) WINS!!! ;-D

bpac1234567893670d ago

even though i wont be getting gears 2, it still looks like a good game. resistance has the scale but gears is flashy. Overall resistance is a better game (imo) because of the 60m, 300ft aliens, and 8 player coop.

SSCOOLCHEA3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

compare this on a sony bravia ,why only the cheap brands

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GameOn3670d ago

This guy needs to learn how to proof read.

La Chance3670d ago

Yeah , thats what I said a couple of days ago and I got a bunch od disagrees

People who own the PS3 think the ps3's exclusives are GREAT , UNBELIVABLE , AWSOME but I dont see what are you guys so hyped up for.Same goes for PS3 owners when they look at 360 exclusives.

But thers some games that appeal universaly.Im sure if MGS 4 and Splinter Cell were both 360 exclusives MGS4 would still outdo Splinter Cell.

beavis4play3670d ago

la chance, you, crab, and socomnick need to get some new material. it's the same posts over and over and over and over and over.....etc.....

mesh13670d ago

gears of war 1 blows away resistance 1 in every department more people play gears multiplayer to this date than resistance 1, of hat has been shown gears of war 2 beats resistance 2 in every department the gameplay ive seen of gears of war 2 is astonishing the game ive seen in resistance is clunky and not even close to looking like a good fps it just looks odd the gameplay is not just smart it just shoot and hope gears 2 will sell more ,get better ratings also and no im not afanboy i own both consoles im just stating facts.

yesah3670d ago

Cant we all just get along? 360 is cool ps3 is cool. I bought the ps3 so i know its cooler, you got the 360 so you believe its cooler, but in actuality, the ps3 dosnt overheat. So technically the RROD thing make the ps3 cooler.

Yipee Bog3669d ago

come down off your self appointed gilded throne and quit being a fanboy. Both games will be fun. Is that not the purpose why we buy them??? could care less about graphics, you still play halo 3 right? hence graphics aren't everything.

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KettoKamisori3670d ago

Comparing two completely different games is stupid. Both of them are going to be good, so people should quit being fanboys and just enjoy them both.

thor3670d ago

I think his point was to show that actually the games are quite similar in some respects.

deeznuts3670d ago

why is it dumb? they're both video games. they can be compared. on top of that, they're both high profile, quality sequels, that battled it out before around the same time.

KettoKamisori3669d ago

It's obviously fanboyism at work; this is the wrong place for it.

Fishy Fingers3670d ago

Well seeing I've completed both, had time to fully appreciate each games multiplayer, I think it's safe to say the winner is...

Oh hold up...