Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain gets new Mother Base gameplay trailer on Wednesday

A brand-new gameplay trailer for Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain will be released during Gamescom this Wednesday, August 5, Konami has announced.

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Perjoss1083d ago

Played Ground Zeroes last night for the first time, loved it and now I can't wait for MGSV!

EinRobot1083d ago

I have the collectors edition pre-ordered from best buy. I hope it doesn't get canceled. I can't wait.

Summons751083d ago

Why would it get canceled? We're literally 27 days from launch, I know Konami is in the middle of a stupid decision making phase right now but cutting their biggest game of the past 5 years would kill them.

EinRobot1083d ago

I have heard best buy sometimes takes more orders than they can fulfill. I know the game won't get canceled.

flyingwombat331083d ago

I guess target and a few other retailers had to cancel some preorders a few months ago. It does seem unlikely that that would happen now since were 28 days from launch and they most certainly know how many they're going to have, but I think that's why he's concerned.