Microsoft plays on Sony's weakness by focusing on first party titles

MWEB GameZone writes: "Xbox's strong push for exclusive first party titles might gain them the upper hand this year as Sony battle for third party exclusives"

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HanCilliers1084d ago

It's rich of Microsoft to say they're focusing on first-party games after the Rise of The Tomb Raider deal.
Go figures :|

BlackPanther1084d ago

You can do both.

And honestly from their catalog in the next year or two they are surely working on more first party titles than third party titles.

Genuine-User1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Not directed at you.

Sony has released more first party titles on the PS4 than its direct competitor.

And their focus on first party content is strong for the future.

uptownsoul1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )


I agree…I also find it amazing that so many people are taking what Sony says out of context. Sony is indeed focusing on 3rd party partnerships for this holiday. But the people suggesting less 1st party Sony games for this generation have to explain what the developers at all these 1st party Sony studios(Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Sony San Diego, Sony Santa Monica, Sony Bend, Sony London, Sony Japan, etc) will be doing for the next 4 to 5 to 6 years.

amiga-man1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

There is and never will be a weakness in Sony's first party support, they have focused for years on gathering the cream of the programming world to support the Playstation and have always backed their consoles with not just quality but innovative first party games.

Sony is in a very Strong position this gen, PS4 sales make third party deals easier and cheaper to make, while top notch developers like Naughty Dog come up with the quality first party titles that the console is known for.

It's a good time to own a Playstation.

Cindy-rella1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Lol, why am i thinking about alanis morsette.

Isnt it ironic that Microsoft is now focusing on first party exclusives while Sony seems to be focusing on third party exclusives when it was the other way around last gen or so it seems.

I see Sony focusing on exclusive titles that are spread out over the course of a year while focusing on third party exclusive content whereas Microsoft xbox doesnt have the clout and sales to garner much favours from third party developers. Its like zombie u or Bayonetta being exclusive on the wii u where it seems like a waste because the console has a way smaller user base. Why expose your game to a small user base giving your game less chance to sell. Ps4 has double the install base of xbox one and the lead is growing.

Microsoft hasnt released any AAA first party exclusive games all year in 2015 and they wont until around September but sony has been releasing exclusives throughout the whole year. Its almost like people think there are 4 months in a year so thats when its ok for Microsoft to release their games.

Sony is doing it all by focusing on everything from indies, exclusive titles, third party content , f2p, and others. Soon theyll be focusing on VR games as well

r2oB1084d ago

It's nice Microsoft is finally realizing the importance of first party titles, but how is this article equating Phils push for first party games with it being Sonys weakness? Does the author not realize Sony has more first party titles released and upcoming than the competition?

Sony first party games released:
KZ Shadowfall
Infamous SS
MLB 14
MLB 15
GoW 3 RE
Total - 9

Uncharted Collection
Uncharted 4
Tomorrow Children
Every bodies gone to rapture
The last guardian
Total - 8

Microsoft first party games released:
Forza 5
Forza Horizon 2
Killer instinct
Total - 4

Forza 6
halo 5
Gears 4
Gears UE
Sea of Thieves
Fable Legends
Rare collection
Total - 7

Sony hasn't lost focus on first party titles, they just added a focus to third party titles.

FlexLuger1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )


Forza 6
halo 5
Gears 4
Gears UE
Sea of Thieves
Fable Legends
Rare collection
Total - 7 "

In your eagerness to make a lists, did you forget to add quantum break crackdown, Recore, scalebound and phantom dust? Where is ashen, inside, below, cuphead, ION and project solus? That makes it 16 for xbox...and Where is gigantic, smite and neverwinter? The xbox is the ONLY console that you can play these games on.

This is what the problem with these types of lists guys leave things off to try and make your own lists look fatter! lol

Roronoa04111084d ago

@Flexluger He stated First Party games. Which clearly means games made within the studios Microsoft owns. None of the games you mentioned are being made by Microsoft, those are second party. By the way Sony's list would be massive if he decided to add all the third party and second party titles lol.

r2oB1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

@ Flex Luger

Are those FIRST PARTY games? I reckon not. I also left out a bunch of third party exclusives on PS4 as well, because the article is about FIRST PARTY games.

Seems like in your eagerness you forgot what the article was about.

Volkama1084d ago

@Genuine-User you're right, Sony definitely have more first party titles on the PS4 than Microsoft.

And Microsoft have more first party games on the Xbox One than Sony.

Though I guess Microsoft have more games on the PS4 than Sony have on the Xbox One. Does that count as a win?

subtenko1084d ago

This site doesnt know wtf its talking about. Sonys kicking out first party exclusives and getting exclusive deals at the same time. LOL thats part of the reason why ps4 is at the top!

Oh and idgaf about rise of tombraider (sure it looks like a fun game) Im just really hype about UC4 more

Genuine-User1084d ago


I agree. And Sony might create a new studio or two this generation.

They have some of the most talented people in the industry working at their first party software development studios.


Am I missing some insider joke here?

Ashlen1084d ago

First party or third party the bottom line is, if you want gaming variety go with Sony.

mocaak1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )


Also Dreams and Ratchet and clank, everyone keeps ignoring R&C...

nX1084d ago

Noone can compete with Sony when it comes to first party games, they dominated almost every console generation when it comes to that. There are dozens of games in development at Sony's WWS as we speak.

1084d ago
XanderZane1084d ago

That not what Sony's Yoshida said. His comments seem to say Sony is relying more on Indie games to fill the void of some of their 1st Party AAAE games.

Yoshida “We’ve been saying that the number of AAAs might be getting smaller because the cost of development for AAAs is getting higher,” he said. “But there are so many indie games and great games coming out almost every week or every other week. We’re seeing it on PS4. I hope you’re seeing it as well.”

Then there was this -->

and this --->

All this news was coming from Sony themselves, not any insider or rumors.

I'm sure they are still working on 1st party titles, but I don't think there will be as many as we saw on the PS2 or PS3. Sony will push some Indies are being 1st party exclusives, when they really aren't. No Man's Sky is a perfect example.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Did you just say Recore is first party?

Seriously, you xbox fanboys haven't got a clue. The twisting of facts and claiming of lies as truth is unreal.


The only first party game you listed is Sea of thieves.

People need to understand what first party is.

If it is developed by a ms or sony developer it is first party.

If it is published by ms or sony but developed by none owned developer it is second party.

If it's developed and published by EA for example it's third party.

Recore, crackdown, state of decay, ori, screamride are not first party.

nix1084d ago

once again... the list of 2015 PS4 games to enlighten everyone.

AngelicIceDiamond1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

EDIT: Recore, Sea Of Thieves, Crackdown and Phantom Dust ARE 1st party titles. So that makes it 11 games.

BTW he forgot Ori, Screamride and State Of Decay. So that makes released games at 6.

Dont leave anything out when making these list wars.

Disagree with facts and truth. Well just google it its right there yall.

@Rocket yes Recore is First party.

He even said on stage at E3. I believe half this site needs to stop talking about Xbox because half of yall have 0 knowledge about it.

Lol just..just be quiet its that simple. Stop talking about something ppl clearly don't like nor know anything about.

thisismyaccount1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

There are people on neogaf that actually define Scalebound, ReCore, Dead Rising and others as "1st Party titles" ...; as long MS owns the IP, it does not matter which studios made them. It´s 1st Party ...


1084d ago
ChronoJoe1084d ago


Yeah I don't understand this articles spin. Sure Sony don't have Halo and Gears of War releasing this year, but they do have a larger number of first party studios overall. So it's very difficult to see first party development spun into Sony's 'weakness'.

I expect big things from Media Molecule, Polyphony Digital, Evolution Studios, Guerilla Games, Sucker Punch Productions, Naughty Dog, San Diego Studio, and Japan Studio. That's only to mention their larger development studios.

showtimefolks1084d ago

Sony has released more first party titles on the PS4 than its direct competitor.

go figure

this fall Xbox one has a very strong lineup, but will that also means selling a lot of consoles? I somehow doubt that. Sony has in place exclusive deals with some of the biggest titles of fall, which means fall advertisement which targets the casuals will see ps4 at end of every advertisement

destiny taken king ps4 bundle and exclusive marketing

mgs 5 ps4 bundle and exclusive marketing

star wars most likely ps4 bundle and already confirmed to have exclusive marketing

and call of duty exclusive marketing and early dlc, I could see Sony also doing a call of duty bundle

uncharted trilogy

I could see ps4 selling neck and neck to Xbox one and it wouldn't surprise me if most fall months see ps4 selling more than Xbox one world wide

and in 2016 Sony has the heaviest of hitters

horizon been in development since last 4 to 5 years

the last guardian

uncharted 4

we could also see gt7 announced at playstation event

Sony has reported that it expects 36 plus million sold by March 2016. right now it's at 25.3 last reported. so in 9 months Sony expects sales of 11 plus million

WelkinCole1083d ago

@flex and angel.

Clearly you two are clueless at what constitutes 1st party. Here is a hint. It is different from 2nd and 3rd party.

TheCommentator1083d ago

Wikipedia says 2nd party is a colloquial term used by the gaming media and gaming enthusiasts and that any 3rd party developed, 1st party published titles are still 1st party games. So...

2nd party studios don't exist and you can all quit arguing about it. Or change the definition on Wiki.

RedDevils1083d ago

Sony have many weakness, but First party isn't one of it

Teflon021083d ago

Armature Studios, they've done the handsome collection and doing bloodstain... They are NOT owned by microsoft. A big difference between First Party Franchise and first party game. Example, Ratchet and Clank is a Sony First Party Franchise, but it's never ever been a first party game because Insomniac has never been a Sony company but a company that had only worked with sony for a while. If that is the case, you could say sony has a hell of alot more first party titles than that.

"The difference between second party and first party developers is that the second party developer is a separate entity from the console manufacturer while the first party developer is a division of the company."

Which is Armature?

Second party literally is a studio working on a owned IP and having it published by the owner, but you know, people can't understand basic stuff?

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Toiletsteak1084d ago

There main focus is first party, they can still make some third party deals just as long as they stick to first party being there main focus.

Septic1084d ago

Yeah because their third party deals preclude them from focusing on first parties....okay.

r2oB1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Doesn't the same ring true for Sony? This article seems to revolve around that assumption.

Why o why1084d ago

At r20b, i think thats what he's implying

CBaoth1084d ago

What do you expect them to do though? They can't use the "multi-plats run better" angle like last gen. It makes zero business sense to continue paying for "3rd party exclusives" due to escalating costs. MS is only doing what we wanted them to do since 2005; invest in 1st party exclusives. And now we're negging them for it? I think it's great!

ChronoJoe1083d ago

It's good I think, as it enables the platform to shape its own identity, better. Look at the Wii U, no major third party support but a whole load of first party titles that make the system unique.

Unfortunately though, third party support tends to have more of an impact than first party. The average consumer doesn't know much about the industry so when they see a third party title like Tomb Raider or Star Wars advertised next to the XBOX ONE, or PS4 logo. They will often assume they need that system to get that experience, or at least develop a strong association between the brand and the gameplay experience they desire.

Microsoft are focusing on first part titles because there comes a point where third party exclusives and deals aren't worthwhile, not because they want to 'give back to gamers' or whatever. As the XBOX ONE lags behind in sales, exclusivity deals become more and more expensive for the platform holder as they restrict the title from a an increasingly larger market.

Netting a third party exclusive is a lot cheaper when you can say your platform has 26 million users while your competition only 12m. Inversely, Tomb Raider must have cost Microsoft a bomb, because it restricted the game from such a large userbase, even if only temporarily.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Well this article is just flamebait and as usual. There isn't much truth to it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Microsoft had zero first party games last year but I didn't see anybody complaining then.

Sony on the other hand had 3.

This year bloodborne was co developed with Sony Japan so the are equally as responsible. So that's 1 for Sony.

This year Microsoft have Forza 6 and Halo 5. That is 2.

Sony are still leading MS 4 - 2 in first party titles.


You have just proved my point. At least come to me with facts which is what I deal with.

When people point out that Halo MCC is broken. Xbox defenders also like to point out that it wasn't developed by 343. Who ever it was they are not first party.

FH2 - Playground games = not first party.

Max. Yep you got that. I missed it. I also missed MLB 14 and 15 for sony.

I don't know why you are bringing up Third parties as it isn't the argument here but anyway Titanfall IS NOT EXCLUSIVE.

Bloodborne is co developed. It was developed in house at Sony Japan.

Lol you can't count SSOD as first party. Can you believe the ridiculous things MS defenders come out with.

So including MLB for Sony and Max for MS.

We have Sony First Party releases 6 ms 3

FlexLuger1084d ago

"Correct me if I'm wrong but Microsoft had zero first party games last year but I didn't see anybody complaining then."

Guess I had better correct you then..

Forza horizon 2
Max:curse of brotherhood
with sunset overdrive and titanfall as third party exclusives, the latter being a console exclusive, if you want to nitpick about it.They also had super time force for a whole year, giving it away for free last july.

So thats six exclusives in 2014. only one of them was not published by MS.

"This year Microsoft have Forza 6 and Halo 5. That is 2. "

Does that change the fact that you cant play neverwinter, gigantic, smite, elite and the long dark on PS4? They are still console exclusive and far more compelling reasons to get an xbox than a Ps4 for bloodborne and HD remakes of all of sonys big PS3 titles.

"This year bloodborne was co developed with Sony Japan so the are equally as responsible. So that's 1 for Sony."

Its a third party game. stop moving goal posts. Its still an exclusive, but its not developed in house at sony. In that case I can count sunset overdrive as a first party title, seeing as MS funded and published it. Swings and roundabouts, mate...

ocelot071084d ago

@FlexLuger when you say Neverwinter is that Neverwinter the F2P MMO? If so yer correct it is console exclusive at the moment. But is also in development for PS4. So it is a timed exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_1083d ago

I would say Bloodborne is first party as the IP is owned by Sony.

@Flex- "Does that change the fact that you cant play neverwinter, gigantic, smite, elite and the long dark on PS4"

well....those are not owned by MS, that is sorta what is being talked about here, they will likely be on PS4, hell Elite and Neverwinter are already coming to PS4....

Sooo don't you sorta see what the problem is with such deals from a company that already has less first party teams?

That is like me saying "well bro, Firewatch, No Man Sky, Soma etc won't be on XONE bro" yet disregarding that they are not owned by Sony, already have PC versions and very well could have an XONE version in the future.

The reality is, the more you list for XONE, someone can merely list the same if not more for PS4 in that regard.....but NOT for first party game, Sony easily by default owns and releases more every gen, I'm not even sure how that is even being debated.

its a bigger number vs a smaller lol

Focus on MS making more first party titles then a pissing contest, we are all gamers here and many of us have been asking MS to do this for a long, long time.

MS seems to be very scared to actually fund and support new series, most times they would rather pay for a timed game, they fund a new series, hell it took Sony beating them this gen to even buy the Gears IP....

As they never even owned the Mass Effect IP while they where publishing it, Bioware did.

It goes to show you the mindset of MS at the time. They didn't want to FULLY invest, it was a publishing ONLY deal here, a timed deal there and it ended up hurting them in the long run more then helping them.

Last gen Sony bought many teams and those teams are making them lots of first party titles. and fyi, Sony bought Guerrilla Games LAST GEN, yet you can see that investment very much helping them with Horizon being made.

By a team almost 10 years ago that they did not own.

Sony published means something, it means its only coming to a Sony console, MS published means less, could come to PS, could come to PC etc.

Those deals hurt their credibility and damaged the MS name in terms of publishing trust.

MS published doesn't mean "exclusive" merely means exclusive "some times" that is their own fault. That habit hurt them lots this gen, how many do you think will skip the next XB at launch because of a MS published title that they do't believe is really "exclusive" Mean...was Ninja Gaiden II? Was Tomb Raider? Was Dead Rising 3?

Bad habit if you ask me..

Automatic791083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )


How is Sony leading 4-2

When ScreamRide, State of Decay and Ori and the blind forest led the way for MS Published titles

Then we have
Happy Wars
World of Tanks
Dungeon and Dragon Neverwinter
Fable legends

Now add

Gears of War
Halo 5
Forza 6

If you look at the list there is clearly more then two First Party Efforts and I didn't even add Indies to the list like you have.

MS First party 9-6

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christian hour1084d ago

Bout damn time, but the title should read "Microsoft focus's on improving its biggest weakness, 1st party titles". We've been crying out for an abundance of new IPs since 2010. Maybe even longer...

1st party is hardly sony's weakness. We have 4 generations to prove that is not the case at all.

PC_601084d ago

Lets not play this fanboy crap, xbox one has the better exclusives this year.

TwoForce1084d ago

Oh really ? Microsoft is losing Mascot. Because their Xbox One Games will come to PC. And what Reason to buy Xbox One ?

pyramidshead1084d ago

Makes comment addressing fanboy crap with a fanboy comment lol

LordMaim1084d ago

Why didn't you just start with "I'mma let you finish" to complete the effect?

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raggy-rocket1084d ago

Can I just weigh in here and you're all talking like Microsoft said they're playing on Sony's weakness. It was the article, and all Phil said is they're focusing more on first party deals now than third party. He didn't say 'more than the competitor' or 'we're not doing third party deals', but somehow, you idiots turned it into a slanging match and criticizing them for things they didn't say. You idiots drive me crazy.

iTechHeads1084d ago

Here's what's really going in in case you are too naive to think for yourself.

-Sony is kicking MS ass right now. PS4 sales are almost double that of the XB1 at 25milion+ shipped.

-Third Parties like EA noticed this as this is very very important to them. The result of this was games like Black Ops 3, Destiny and Star Wars Battlefront and Arkham Knight partnering up with Sony for massive promotions and bundles around the Playstation 4. It's a win for Sony and it means more people not only buy PS4 to play these guaranteed hits, but they tell their friends, cousins and even their dogs!

-This leads to an even bigger increase in sales for PS4 since the biggest games in the industry are name-dropping the Playstation logo in ads and promotional material. Many people still now there's Xbox versions of the game, but the PS4 is more desirable, even at a more expensive price if you go by the past few months of NPD sales results


Azzanation1084d ago

It not that Sony lack 1st party games or companies. I am more worried about what the future holds for them. I hope Sony don't turn half there companies into Morpheus based devs which Sony invested heavily into. Sony know the only way to sell VR is to supply the games there fans want. Just like how Rare become Kinect based and Minecraft is used to sell AR.

MS focus is all about games now, they have little distractions, no portables, no VR, just Xbox and all there devs are working on games for Xbox.

ninsigma1084d ago

That's a fair point and a very legitimate concern. I would imagine that a couple of the smaller studios could become morpheus only devs. For bigger guys, I can see the creation of extra teams so they can work on morpheus and continue to push out PS4 only games. I do hope they don't start making every first party game compatible with morpheus because we've seen how that works with movies and 3D. The 3D sucks and then the 2D version that everyone wants to see can look stupid at times because a certain scene is made with 3D in mind e.g the wheel flipping towards the screen in mad max fury road and the avengers flying in a line through the forest with explosions in avengers 2. Don't want that kind of stuff to happen in games.

freshslicepizza1084d ago

perhaps you should read the article and not focus just on the headlines. third party exclusives is not their long-term goal, investing in first party is. which is what many have been wanting, yes?

kenshiro1001083d ago

Maybe the headline should fit the article instead of being flamebait then.

_-EDMIX-_1083d ago

@Han- lolz, but they actually stated that after the Tomb Raider deal we would see less.

This has more to do with them being 2nd and PS4's install base being double. They are unable to pay for those same deals as the risk has increased for 3rd parties.

I'm pretty sure paying for COD DLC was easier when the install basese where really close, now with one leading 2x sales past another, its clearly not the same deal. MS can't afford it, 3rd parties even if MS could, would really, really need to consider it.

By doing this, they are also missing out on a real investment to a deep install base, look at Wii U with games like Assassins Creed and Mass Effect, those games where just lost to most Nintendo fans as those series never got a taste on a Nintendo console until then, sales suffered due to that.

This is what they should have been doing for years, if they did this last gen, they would not even be in the situation they are in now.

ie if they spent the money to buy Bioware and the Mass Effect IP as suppose to just publishing a series they didn't own......they would not have lost Mass Effect and Bioware as a team...consider that clearly Bioware was willing to sell the team and IP as the did with EA.

That series would have been a very big game changer and who knows how many systems it would have sold for MS as a huge series only one 1 platform.

You live and you learn, but I believe MS has always known that and choose to do timed games due to less money, due to not caring about investing and only caring about selling systems today and not tomorrow.

Lost Planet, Bioshock and Splinter Cell can only sell you a system for 1 gen, when they are multiplat where are you fans really going?

Sony was smart to invest in house as suppose to spending so much money on timed games.

kenshiro1001083d ago

I didn't even give this article a click.

The title disgusted me first.

Sony has been focusing on first party for a long time. I don't know what this journalist has been smoking.

2cents1083d ago

I'd rather it be a proper timed exclusive then what sony and Activision did with Destiny. So yeah... Go figure.

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CernaML1084d ago

Because you know... 1st party has always been Sony's weakness. Oh wait.

VsAssassin1084d ago

If MS is putting a spotlight on first party games, well and good. However, let's not forget that, since the PS1, Sony has had tons of first party games. This trend is still the case for the PS4.

XanderZane1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Hhhmm.. The PS2 had more 1st party games then the PS3. The way 1st party games are going for the PS4 they will have less then the PS3. The PS4 will get a lot of exclusive games, mostly from 3rd party Japanese developers who don't want to bring their games to the XB1 or Wii U. That's what's happening now with several Koei-Temco, Atlus, Namco and Capcom games.

freshslicepizza1084d ago

sony has always had a weakness in the early development in new hardware for 1st party games because they support their previous systems longer than both nintendo and microsoft.

this is clearly evident once again as sony continues to delay projects. the ps3 was known to be difficult to work on so it was expected development would take its time, that is no longer the case for the ps4 yet we continue to see many games get pushed to later dates.

sony is at a major advantage where they can delay projects and still get away with it because the system is selling so well and they have the third party advantage this generation. nintendo is the complete opposite, without first party titles nobody would be buying the wii u.

it is a bit disingenuous to think microsoft is investing on their own free will, sony has pushed them to do so. while sony has invested for generations into their own ip's microsoft has failed in this area to secure their own. it's finally caught up to them now that third party developers are not using the xbox as the lead platform. but they are taking advantage of the current situation now that sony basically has no big titles for the rest of 2015 and last year it wasn't much better. is sony coasting? not really but they sure are taking their sweet time getting key titles out like gt7.

pyramidshead1084d ago

For that last paragraph, and considering the increased climate of broken-on-release games, the question is do you want bad and broken games now, or decent and working games eventually?

We're the ones paying for the stuff remember.
Plenty of games until now to 2016 for PS4 owners to play.

freshslicepizza1084d ago

"For that last paragraph, and considering the increased climate of broken-on-release games, the question is do you want bad and broken games now, or decent and working games eventually?"

so what you're saying is there is no justification for an efficient development team any longer?

"Plenty of games until now to 2016 for PS4 owners to play."

such as?

pyramidshead1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )


How about don't twist my words? There's many examples of games being rushed out for the hope of profit out the gate and worrying about the issues later. Driveclub, MCC, Assassin's creed.

There's always justification for efficient development teams, but if they need longer, give them longer, the product will be better off for it. I don't see how anyone can see different.

As for your second quote reference, I'm not using google for you.

Last bubble so can't reply.

freshslicepizza1084d ago

"How about don't twist my words? There's many examples of games being rushed out for the hope of profit out the gate and worrying about the issues later. Driveclub, MCC, Assassin's creed."

i'm not twisting your words, i'm questioning the project managers who fail time and again to keep development cycles efficient. also the game you mentioned driveclub had a year delay and still had tons of issues at launch so delaying projects doesn't automatically mean it's going to come out unbroken.

"There's always justification for efficient development teams, but if they need longer, give them longer, the product will be better off for it. I don't see how anyone can see different."

in some cases you are right but it's clear some development teams are not run very efficiently (polyphony, team ico).

"As for your second quote reference, I'm not using google for you."

oh of course. listing games is way too difficult considering sony themselves have come out and said their line-up is lean as far as aaa games go.

you see, this is the whole basis for this topic, microsoft taking advantage of sony's 'sparse' (their own words) first party titles.

"Last bubble so can't reply."

well you didn't really answering anything so it probably doesn't matter at this point.

Ravenheartzero1084d ago


Fallout 4, battlefront, Metal gear solid TPP, mad max, Assassin's creed syndicate, uncharted collection, Dragon quest heroes, Tales of zestiria, disgaea 5 etc.

Plenty of games for ps4 owners to play, and arguably one of the best line up of games for a very long time. A lot of anticipation in fallout, metal gear etc.

If you're talking exclusive then until dawn and Dragon quest heroes. Sony have really knocked the ball out the park, let third party rule the roost this holiday, smart decision.

freshslicepizza1084d ago

"Fallout 4, battlefront, Metal gear solid TPP, mad max, Assassin's creed syndicate, uncharted collection, Dragon quest heroes, Tales of zestiria, disgaea 5 etc."

this topic isn't about all games, it's about first party titles.

"Plenty of games for ps4 owners to play, and arguably one of the best line up of games for a very long time. A lot of anticipation in fallout, metal gear etc."

read above.

"If you're talking exclusive then until dawn and Dragon quest heroes. Sony have really knocked the ball out the park, let third party rule the roost this holiday, smart decision."

so you admit sony is lacking in first party for the remainder of 2015. this is not to suggest microsoft is all of the sudden better because they are not. what it does suggest is microsoft is trying to angle itself now against sony's fall line-up which you may not care about but they do because most sales occur during that time period and it gives microsoft a chance to sell better (than the xbox one has so far this year, not the ps4) because of a strong line-up.

microsoft has a few angles to go against the ps4. price, backwards compatibility and a stronger line-up for the remainder of 2015. will that boost sales past the ps4? doubtful but it keeps them competitive, especially in key markets like the usa.

i really don't get the issue here, microsoft is trying to be a competitive player against the mighty ps4. yet some of you act like it's a bad thing for microsoft to advertise it has a few things helping to gain some much needed momentum.

Ravenheartzero1084d ago


I dont admit anything, it's well known already Sony is lacking in first party this holiday. But as pyramid stated there are plenty of games to play from now until 2016 which you replied 'such as'? So I gave you a list. Maybe you took it as exclusives.

There is no issue. Both consoles have a fantastic line up this holiday, commercially Microsoft have the better line up but for my tastes they don't. Being an RPG fan Tales of zestiria and Dragon quest heroes are as high on my agenda as Fallout 4 and uncharted collection.

Microsoft are doing a lot of things right atm and it is a shame they still get as much flak as they do, let's see what Gamescom brings.

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Relientk771084d ago

Yeah I don't know how I didn't see it myself. This article and author changed my life and my entire outlook on Sonys first party titles


iTechHeads1084d ago

Yeah, that's a huge lie. Sony released The Last Of Us on PS3's what? 7th year on the market? It might have even been the best PS3 exclusive ever.

PS4 hasn't even had its first Uncharted-level AAA release yet but that doesn't mean it doesn't have 1st party games or exclusives. It has plenty, even if it might not be your cup of tea.

(Yes I'm one of the few that bought Knack)

ninsigma1084d ago

"even if it might not be your cup of tea. "

That's where the misconception is coming from. People are seeing no competitor to halo or gears on the ps side so they say there's games apparently. Playsation release a more diverse library of games that have a smaller attach rate than that of xbox games but in the end it caters to a larger audience than the xbox so it works out the same in the end.

And knack was awesome. I don't know why people ragged on that game. It was a perfectly good game for release. It looked good, it worked well. Decent story and the game mechanics were fun! It wasn't even an easy game either lol

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corroios1084d ago

The title is missing something like during the christmas time, or in the end of the year. They are doing the same they did last year.

Wait, not really because last year they got Titanfall this year Zero, nada, niente, rien exclusives...

lemoncake1084d ago

This year so far state of decay, neverwinter, ori, scream ride, fruit ninja 2 and if you got lucky smite beta and if you got really lucky fable beta. So I don't know where you are getting the "zero, nada, niente, rien exclusives...". Ps4 you got the order which is total QTE crap that last 5 hours with full retail price tag followed by bloodborne which is a great game but very niche market. Take blood borne away and sonys showing this year has been far worse so far.

And the next game you got to look forward to is again yet another QTE game, enjoy I guess.