Gamescom 2015 Worldwide Conference Times

Gamescom 2015 is a worldwide event, and the biggest European gaming event of the year. Thousands of gamers will tune in, as they do every year, to watch their favourite publisher set out the future of their company. Although Sony isn’t doing a conference this year at Gamescom, there are still many reasons to watch the show. As such the timings for the conferences tend to cause issues for gamers abroad. Here are the main timings for your time zone.

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gaffyh1025d ago

I wish Sony was also at this event, but I guess we can wait a month.

WeAreLegion1024d ago

Darn. I'm at work for Microsoft's conference. I'll watch it in a small window. ;)

EazyC1024d ago

Wait...what? Is Crackdown 3 going to be shown in 2 hours? Wow, will have to get a little stream going for that, I think that alone will convince me to get an XB1 later this year (as well as GeOW 1 remaster and Halo 5.

Also, does anyone know if EA is showing off the new unannounced IP? I hope it's the new Criterion game *cough* BURNOUT *cough*

frenchtoast1024d ago

Most looking forward to the Final Fantasy one as it feels like we may get a release date finally (fantasy :P)