10 Sequels That Didn’t Live Up to Expectations

Jo from GamersFTW writes: 'We all know the feeling when you have just finished a great game and wait patiently for the next instalment to be released; sometimes you even wait years for it. So what a disappointment it is when you start to play and realise that it just isn’t on the same level as that game you loved.'

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NukaCola992d ago

I know. I think Black Flag is the second best AC following very very close to AC2. It's one of the best if not the best open world Pirate game around (Ok maybe close second behind Wind but either way it's awesome.

ShugaCane992d ago

Agreed. One of the only recent AC game that felt original. They could have put AC III or Unity instead.

And I loved Diablo III. Stop the blacklash just because of the auction system fiasco. Apart from that the game is fun as hell.

Nerdmaster992d ago

Diablo III is good, but the always online part killed it for me. Losing a hardcore character because of connection problems is unacceptable. Getting lag while playing single player is also unacceptable.


Yep I really liked Black Flag and there is no way it should be on this list.

If you want to put an Assassin's Creed game on this list then it has to be Assassins Creed 3 because compared to 2 it was dreadful.

-Foxtrot992d ago

Great game but lets be honest it's not Assassins Creed

Although I do think if we are talking about let downs then it should be Assassins Creed 3 instead

mav805992d ago

I played Black Flag because there was nothing else to buy on a new system, but after that, I vowed never to buy another AC game.

First couple were cool and original, BF was just same old thing packed to the gills with meaningless and repetitive collect 'em all quests. Couple that with an entirely unlikable protagonist which was inexplicably referred to as a good man by everyone throughout the game, and I decided I've had enough of the series.

Azzanation991d ago

I hate Assassins Creed games however Black Flag is the one I can play. Very underrated. If I can play Black Flag without liking Assassin Creed games then that's saying something.

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ZaWarudo992d ago

I loved Prince of Persia.

Relientk77992d ago

That was the other game on the list where I was like that game is awesome and it's absolutely gorgeous

OhMyGandhi992d ago

Black Flag, Prince of Persia and Invisible War should not be on this list.

hades07992d ago


Totally agree. What was the author expecting to call the three of those games sequels that didnt live up to the expectations. They were all great.

-Foxtrot992d ago

Just waiting for the sequel

If they dare do a reboot I'd be so ticked off

We need closure.

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hamshira992d ago

I genuinely loved Prince of Persia too. The artstyle was amazing

Shillmeister992d ago

Black Flag is what Assassins Creed 3 should have been, and to agree with what others have commented Prince Of Persia was good, but IMO the lack of proper death in the game made it too easy/produced a lack of emotion or connection with the character, was visually beautiful though!

MrsNesbitt992d ago

Homecoming was very much a disappointment!

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