How Life is Strange's success could help Telltale build better worlds and stories

Life is Strange has proven itself as one of the most gripping episodic video game releases this side of The Walking Dead. In fact, Telltale Games could learn a thing or two from Dontnod's teen drama...

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WitWolfy1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I really hope Dontnod gave TTG a kick in the balls to up their game and quality. Dontnod's way of telling stories are way better than what TTG have given us in a looong time.

ninsigma1145d ago

But why have two devs essentially doing the same thing?? I haven't played life is strange yet (looks good though) so I don't have an opinion on its style but I do like the telltale style. It's unique from other games in the genre which is good. I would rather diversity tbh. Of course having this type of competition is good for them to up their game on the quality of their own titles, but I don't want to see them change their style just because this has done well. If they didn't do it their way, it wouldn't be a true tell tale games game.

WitWolfy1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I never said change their style, I said up their game and quality.. Sometime TTG's models look so still and lifeless IMO. Especially in GoTs...

It will be a simple animation of them looking plank dead in the face one moment, then over excited the next.. Just feels unnatural..