Windows 10 privacy settings – A guide to living off the grid

MWEB GameZone writes: "Knowing if or how much private data is shared by your OS is an important part for many gamers. The Windows 10 default settings can be seen as privacy-intrusive to some, collecting all available information on you.

Here is a guide to the Windows 10 privacy settings for gamers who want to live as 'off the grid' as possible, including what each of the OS’ privacy settings do and how to turn them off."

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HoldenZA1085d ago

Thank you for this, now people can't see my privates :D

Sillicur1085d ago

+1 funny comment! haha :) No problem

Agent_00_Revan1085d ago

Yes, thank you. Been looking for a guide like this to help make sure I didnt miss anything.

HanCilliers1085d ago

So important, if you don't protect yourself against Windows 10's prying eyes, then don't complain if your info leaks

schmoe1085d ago

I find this a little cart before the horse. Its like saying how do you make a car safe once you have bought it from the manufacturer. The privacy options should protect the user by default, not the other way around.....

Choc_Salties1085d ago

Ah! but remember young padawan - this IS your favourite OS manufacturer you're talking about...

meanthyme1083d ago

Can i borrow your tinfoil hat?

KingPin1085d ago

this system by default is way too open to collect data.

MS shouldnt have done that. instead they shouldve left everything closed and as you use certain apps, ask you if youd like to change the setting. for example if you getting random ads, ask you if youd like to personalize it, if you open/use cortana, ask if you like to send data, crash reports etc...instead you have to manually go to settings and privacy page and turn everything off manually.

Sureshot1085d ago

That's like my YouTube homepage. Apparently Taylor Swift is recommended for me.. I ONLY LISTENED TO THE SONG ONCE!

KingPin1085d ago

yeah but in this instance it should have asked you, would you like us to personalize it? if you click yes, it would recommend all taylor swift songs, if you click no, everything stays the same and it wont ask you again but tell you where you can change the setting later should you like.

captain_slow821084d ago

thanks for this ive just turned off everything that was on by default lol

USMC_POLICE1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

I still have yet to get the update notification, I still have windows 8

BlackPanther1084d ago

If you don't see it you may not be fully upgraded to 9.1 Update 1 and ready to upgrade.

If you are sure you are ready you can simply update to Windows 10 manually as well via MS website.

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