Piecing together Nintendo's NX platform

A three-part series which looks at everything we know about Nintendo's NX as a platform so far, and how it will solve the weaknesses Iwata has identified from following the traditional cyclical hardware generation with Wii U and 3DS.

(NX is not a hybrid!)

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Dan_scruggs1078d ago

Amateur journalism. Where waiting for an official announcement is never an option.

PhoenixUp1077d ago

This could be the first time in Nintendo history that they release a new console before a new handheld

Summons751077d ago

they never said it was a home console or a handheld. It could be one or the other, or both.

Summons751077d ago

What's there to piece together WE KNOW NOTHING, simple as that.

Ck1x1077d ago

I can't agree with you enough! Every day there's some new NX article with no official information about the system yet...

wonderfulmonkeyman1077d ago

There's only two things we know for certain:

#1 It will be talked about in 2016 at E3.

#2 If Nintendo keeps their word about not abandoning the Wii U, and they follow their own 5 year precedent for home console releases, the NX won't release until the following year, in 2017.

Everything else beyond those two current facts are just hearsay and rumors, or are at the very least debatable.

mydyingparadiselost1077d ago

We have a code name, that's all we need!
My prediction - It's a portable home console augmented VR reality cloud machine, will require fiber internet, launches with DQ VII,VIII, X, and XI, P.T., Konami's console port of Castlevania: EROTIC VIOLENCE and F Zero. Prove me wrong internet :D

N4g_null1077d ago

Good article. Someone actually reading what iwata laid out. Nx is os based gaming platform that might run on custom hardware.