Konami has vicious, destructive company culture, according to Nikkei report

It doesn't sound fun to work at Konami

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FallenAngel19841142d ago

I don't doubt it. It seems like their top priority to erase the existence of arguably their best development team over some undisclosed dispute.

RumbleFish1142d ago

Though You're obviously right, I have to say many people tend to forget that the games division is just a very small part of Konami.
I've been in Japan several times and I was surprised when I saw that Konami is mostly toys and Pachinko.

rdgneoz31142d ago

Yah, Konami makes more money each year on Pachinko and other things each year than console games. Hell, they have health and fitness clubs, publish anime, toys, etc.

ThunderPulse1142d ago

Don't most people work like 18 hours a day in Japan? Maybe they're just all tired of working so much?

HaveAsandwich1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

i hear its like 12-15 hours. 12 hours is nothing though. i'll do that with no break. i ate while i worked for years.

hiredhelp1142d ago

There gonna collaps as a company if they dont get a grip.
You have a certain level of respect for everyone inc employess to force them to do dutys thats not where they supposed be i mean devs working guard duty.. Snopping emails punishing facebook likes I mean wow what jackass. Glad kojima got out of there if this is true.

twiggytree121142d ago

Yep, it makes sense with the way things have been going in Konami's neck of the woods.

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The story is too old to be commented.