Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - Greatest Hit or B-Side? (GotGame Review)

Review by John Darnell:

"The Guitar Hero franchise's dominance over the rhythm-action genre came under attack last November with the release of the critically-acclaimed commercial hit, Rock Band. This fall, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour will clash in a veritable battle of the bands, seeking to win the love and adoration of fake musicians everywhere. As a result, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, released on June 29th for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3,Wii, and Xbox 360, seems like an afterthought - an expansion pack aimed only at Aerosmith devotees and hardcore GH fanboys. Does this virtual homage to one of the greatest rock and roll bands in history make you want to just push play, or is it the same old song and dance?"

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Nevers3589d ago

yeah... I might pick this up in the bargain bin... MIGHT.

PSWe603589d ago

this one a rent after I grow tired of Soul Calibur IV

Dmitry Orlov3589d ago

Setlist is too short and is quite borring.
"Hard" difficulty was not harder than 'When We Were Young' (song from GH3).
Only another set of free achievements.

aorr12343588d ago

How long did it take them to even make this game. It seemed like right after Guitar Hero 3 the were introducing Aerosmith. All they did was change the songs and gameplay with Aerosmith and added in an Aerosmith faceplate. Its a waste and whos gonna buy this anyway.