Splatoon Update Version 2.0.0 - Full Details

Nintendo has provided the full list of details for Splatoon update version 2.0.0, which arrives Wednesday, August 5 bringing plenty of new changes.

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Trolltroll1108d ago

Dat update.

I can't wait to see the new over 20 level up system. My guess is its like splatfest but with inkzones and tower control instead of turf war.

N4GJD1108d ago

It's really unfortunate there continues to be no regional matchmaking and such unlimited lag compensation. Well, so much for ever becoming playable on any sort of skill based, competitive level. You can dislike this comment now because you personally don't know how to see just how laggy it is (die behind cover, double kills, etc.) and how it benefits the laggiest players. The netcode in online shooters these days are such a joke!