The Triple JRPG Battle: FFXV vs. FFVII Remake vs. KHIII

Square Enix has a trio of huge RPGs in the pipeline but the question is, which of them garners the majority of consumer interest as of right now?

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FallenAngel19841081d ago

You can't talk about upcoming RPG juggernauts without mentioning Dragon Quest XI..when it gets localized

Abash1081d ago

Add Star Ocean V, Nier PS4, Persona 5, World of Final Fantasy, Digimon: Cyber Sleuth, and Exist Archive to the list

Man there are a lot of amazing JRPGs coming to the PS4 :)

Relientk771080d ago

I agree with you both. I'm excited for all these JRPGs

Gasian1080d ago

Don't forget about Tales of Zestiria :D

Magicite1080d ago

Sorry, but no other JRPG comes close to FF15/KH3/FF7RE in both hype and production values.
DQ11 is more Japanese stuff and probably wont be localized, although I hope it will.

OT: I am so gonna enjoy these 3 games, they will make owning PS4 worth more than anything!

3-4-51080d ago

Good time to be an RPG fan.

Fullmetalevolust1080d ago

My JRPG's lil' heart is filled to the brim, not just with these amazing SE titles, but the fact that there are a lot of JRPGs coming this year and the next and some franchises are getting revived. :)
Domo arrigato JRPG gods!

Eiyuuou1080d ago

Out of these 3, FFXV and FFVII have all of my interest. While the KH are enjoyable, I've completely lost the story due to not having played the multitude of non-PS KH games. And due to being out of it for way too long, I've kinda lost interest.

Nucler1001080d ago

I'm personally more excited for Final Fantasy XV out of these 3.

I've waited too long lol. Haven't been disappointed in anything I've seen so far with it either.

It's exactly what I want.

SolidDuck1080d ago

Out of these. Kh 3. Overall jrpg. Persona 5 no question.

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