Terraria Has Gotten 2,827 Items In Update Content, Mod Support Coming And No Terraria 2

CEO and Lead Developer at Re-Logic, Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, talks about the future of Terraria after his departure from the studio and what the studio has planned to do with Terraria in terms of updates and plans for the sequel.

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Mostafeto1149d ago

It's amazing how much extra content and support this game has gotten since it was released in 2011. It looks like a whole other game now.

InTheZoneAC1149d ago

Super support by devs, obviously there's no reason for a second any time soon.

gokuking1149d ago

Surprising that he has nothing to say about Otherworld.

iliimaster1149d ago

im waiting for my wii u version

R00bot1149d ago

I'll be picking that version up too. I feel like it'll be the definitive version.

psplova1149d ago

Is the Android mobile version the one they speak of? Might have to download if so..

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