Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Director Discusses Sky High Expectations

Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Director Tetsuya Nomura talked about how Square Enix saw E3 2015 as the perfect timing to announce Final Fantasy VII Remake as they already had several titles already announced and planned for the PS4.

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Mostafeto1083d ago

Can't wait to see this released.

Abash1083d ago

Can't wait to see the success of the remake lead to the inevitable FFVII-2

Mostafeto1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

One good title will bring in its brother and so on till we have all the Final Fantasy games family haha

b163o11083d ago

What the hell is FF7 about


1083d ago
_-EDMIX-_1083d ago

If anything we might get a remake of Crisis Core or even a game version of the film Advent Children.

b163o11082d ago


L4D would be an excellent remaster for the PS4 being that it never made it to PS3, and Valve has stated last gen that they had something special for Sony. Mainly cause the way Sony opened up the PS3... Kudo and bubbles...



Actually, aside from Shenmue and FFVII, I'e seen way more cry for a comeback of Crash Bandicoot and Beyond Good and Evil than for all of those games (of course, excluding HL3 which top 'em all, but by now we all know we're just folling ourselves whith that).

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justlikeme1083d ago

We are gonna get trolled, the world will end the day before this releases.

Magicite1082d ago

dozens of millions of gamers have put their expectations high on Nomura-san.

DragonKnight1082d ago

I don't think "make 1997 FFVII with 2015 graphics" is high expectations.

Muzikguy1082d ago

I don't have sky high expectations. These people (SE) have a habit of disappointing. I'm looking forward to this game, but the more I hear about it the more I question it. Just staying in media blackout

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RPGrinder1083d ago

I cannot wait to play this in 2020 at the earliest.

remixx1161083d ago

Well you'll need a ps4 first......

Mostafeto1083d ago

Hey dude I think by now most people have a PS4 or an Xbox One. I know a lot of people still play on their PS3 and like it and don't want to change but come on now, you should. The PS4 is a great gaming console to buy.

Relientk771082d ago

RPGgrinders lame troll attempts strike again lol

Mostafeto1083d ago

I don't think we will wait this long bro.

remixx1161083d ago

This guy is a troll, he's a Nintendo fanboy hence my comment.

ApolloTheBoss1082d ago

Seeing as Wada was the main reason games took so long to get released, now that he's gone I don't think it'll take that long.

GigawattConduit1082d ago

Don't be ridiculous. 2087 is more likely.

Melankolis1082d ago

Even 2020 is too early if you keep hoping for a Wii U release...good luck waiting...

grumpygamr1082d ago

Is that because your mommy won't let you play till you are 13?

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PaleMoonDeath1083d ago

It should pay off, given they do more than just a HD face lift of sorts, I wonder how this dramatic change of gameplay is going to work.. I could understand if they did FF15-ish gameplay, but the whole Advent Children thing.. ughh.

Just gotta wait and see :(

kayoss1082d ago

This game will sale a lot on just nostalgia alone. People will buy this game because the Final fantasy 7 name is on it.

Fullmetalevolust1082d ago

Yep, one of the most anticipated titles to be released from one of the most beloved franchises, and this was probably the first JRPG most western gamers ever played.
You gotta do right by it.

Mostafeto1082d ago

Exactly so this game is such a delicate matter and Square Enix need to handle it like a piece of radiating Uranium.

alex1015941082d ago

I'm glad Square knows what is at stake, just means they'll put in that extra (which I feel hasn't been put in a while) work in.

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