Rocket League Video Teaches Us to Accept Our Failures and Move On

Phil Hornshaw: Rocket League teaches us that sometimes, we all fail. Sometimes, we all bumble as though suddenly key areas of our brains have ceased to function. Sometimes, we all look ridiculous.

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Insomnia_841081d ago

LMAO! What did I just watch?? lol

Yi-Long1081d ago

You really can be a hero 1 match, and a complete schmuck the next one... :D Love it.

Had 1 game where I pretty quickly scored 3-4 goals, so felt pretty good. Very next match I somehow managed to score 2 own goals, and everything else went wrong as well.. :D

BiggCMan1081d ago

I messed up this sure goal, and my opponent fixed it for me then left the match. I was hysterical.

christian hour1080d ago

Such an incredible game, going from an unstoppable champion one match to an absolute amateur the next.

The Lag can be horrendous sometimes though, one time we were beating a team 5-0 with 2 minutes to go, they all quit bar one player, sudden surge of LAG for the rest of the game as a circumstance, however the AI that replaced the players were not subject to the woes of LAG and ended up scoring 5 goals in a minute, they scored a 6th goal at the last second XD

Here's a vid of the best save I've made so far (still trying to do one where I launch myself off the side and across the goal to block a shot, for now this one will do)

OldDude1081d ago

No offense, but the title... If you are learning your life lessons from a video game you might want to experience real life more.