PowerColor Devil R9 370X Specifications Leaked

PowerColor Devil R9 370X Specifications Leaked

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Chupa-Chupa866d ago

So bascially same specs as the 270x with 20w lower power being the only difference? No Thank you.

ABizzel1865d ago

Exactly what I told the fans hoping for the NX to be this huge powerhouse.

The R 300 series is a rebrand of the R 200 series with DX12, lower launch prices, and lower TDP.

corroios865d ago

I like the designs of the GPU, with all the fans. I think its cool.

dreadz74865d ago

I have powercolor r290x they are much better than reference cards as they are clocked higher and just outright perform better.

r9 370x should perform well especially with win 10 and dx12.

Father__Merrin865d ago

I'm happy with my new HD 7950 Gigabyte wf3 with its new bios at 1000mhz clock up from normal reference 800mhz