Five Things We Want In A Resident Evil 2 Remake


Capcom recently teased that it would consider remaking Resident Evil 2 if fan demand is high enough. The Resident Evil remake on GameCube is regarded by fans as possibly the best example of the series’ classic survival horror formula. I know I speak for many fans with this list of things we’d like to see in a potential remake of Leon and Claire’s dire escape from Raccoon City.

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-Foxtrot1144d ago

They definitely need to expand on the story....just use the diary logs and bring them to life.

Plus i think we should have moments where we can see or hear stuff happening for RE3.

PaleMoonDeath1144d ago

I like the idea of hearing or seeing stuff happen that tie in with Resi 3, but it would have to be pretty low key however.. feeling alone is the Resi formula of fear, knowing more than just Claire walked around the city would undermine the fear aspect greatly.

You've seen the Resi 3.5 gameplay right? the hybrid game mechanics that could have been incredible

This mixture of set up camera angles and third person gun combat is incredibly interesting, I'd like this horror vibe brought to Raccoon City.

deathtok1144d ago

Let's not forget REtail.

Majin-vegeta1144d ago

This I wish all the remakes they did or RE would come to retail and I would buy them.

PaleMoonDeath1144d ago

Almost ordered REmake from Japan just to have a physical copy, it was not to be as shipping prices are criminal :(

timmyp531144d ago

Hell a remaster would do... then all that's left is nemesis. Maybe throw in re7 demo with the remake. You'd be rolling in dough.

rawshack1144d ago

I'm not sure how the remake will work .resident evil 2 was only set in 3 places the police and the underground lab .I'm hoping they will expand on the story and make these areas more larger .the police was a ex art museum so they can add knights and things like this .haha its funny when Leon says in his second play though why isn't anyone listening to me

Summons751144d ago

Fixed controls is all I really care about, even back in the day tank controls were the worst thing possible.

PaleMoonDeath1144d ago

Alternative control scheme in REmake fixed that dude.

Summons751144d ago

Yeah, those were okay but in 2015 they can do better.

PaleMoonDeath1144d ago

Not really dude, there is only so much they can do with such gameplay mechanics, UNLESS! however, they introduce the very gameplay Resident evil 3.5 had, the hybrid gameplay between Resi 3 and Resi 4, I'd happily take this in the remake >

This would make yourself, me and countless others happy in one snap of the button, and with current gen hardware, it totally can be done full on.

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