NHL 2009 Unveils Revolutionary New Feature writes: Arguably the best sports game released in 2007 is set to return with a vengeance in 2008. Already the recipient of much praise from journalists at IGN and 1Up, Electronic Arts' Vancouver Studio has reinvigorated hockey for gamers with their innovative "skill stick." So what is new for NHL 2009? Is it just going to be another roster update with a few extra skating animations thrown in? The answer is a resounding no. Once again, the NHL franchise will be pushing the thinking forward for sports games, integrating a new and very exciting feature called the EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL). Really rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Ok, maybe not. For millions of hockey fans that live and breathe hockey, this may be the feature that you have been waiting for. For all other sports fans, you can bet this experiment will lead to it being implemented soon in Madden, Fifa and many more EA titles to come.

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sofresh2003704d ago

I dont know about revolutionary.... but it does sound pretty cool.