Device to Play on PS4 With Your Mouse and Keyboard Coming in August; Includes Vibrating Wristband

Many PC gamers find it rather difficult to adapt to aiming with a controller on consoles, and the Japanese manufacturer GameTech decided to help them out with a device named Tsunaident4 MAX.

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Majin-vegeta1150d ago

Wow if I didnt have the XIM4 already I would opt for this.But its a good alternative who aren't looking to spend that much to use M/K on consoles.

Abriael1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I'm definitely interested, but I'm a bit iffy on the quality. Gametech's stuff is normally pretty good, but I never tried a device with this level of complexity from them.

Normally they make USB/HDMI hubs, headsets, chargers, filters and such, so it's simpler stuff.

How is the XIM4 quality-wise? I've been considering it for a while but the price kinds of puts me off.

Majin-vegeta1150d ago

Quality wise from my experience is pretty good.I've had mine stepped,sat on and thrown half way across my room against the wall and still survived xD.But yea the price can be an off put for a lot of people.But its still by far the best M/K translator for console IMO

WowSoChill1150d ago

This is Third Party though and will not be Native, this is not the right solution, either Sony/Microsoft comes out and supports Mouse/KB or they don't

Ninjatogo1150d ago

Sony/PS4 supports mouse and keyboard already; last gen the PS3 also supported it. The problem however, is that it's up to devs to support it in their games and last gen, only Epic did with Unreal Tournament.

ecchiless1150d ago

PS4 support kb/m, but is the developers choice to add the support to the game, like square did with ff14.

Major_Glitch1149d ago

Umm...I've BEEN using mouse and keyboard on PS4 since launch. Like everyone above me has said, it's up to the devs to add that support for their games.

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just_looken1150d ago

Right on toss the wrist ban to the other half she will buy you more games

3-4-51150d ago

* Vibrating Wristband sales are going to Skyrocket in February.

grumpygamr1150d ago

Mouse and keyboard that is all day at work for me. I will stick to the amazing controller. Hope it doesn't ruin online for me. It probably will.

HaveAsandwich1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

i have a xim4. you STILL cant get a decent 1:1 on it, on fps. if people think they are going to get a fps pc experience on console, they are in for a disappointment, unless the devs remove acceleration from fps. especially long time pc gamers. they will notice it doesn't feel right at all.

Muzikguy1149d ago

XIM4? Hmmmm.... I should look into that. Would love to play FPS with Kb&M

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TheGreatGamer1150d ago

Hopefully both consoles add this natively

donthate1150d ago

MS already indicated they are working on this, but I don't think it is meant to work for all games.

I would hate the imbalance that would cause. However, a carefully crafted experience for Mouse/Keyboard would be awesome especially for RTS.

Would love to play Starcraft 2 on my Xbox One!

TheHaloGuy1150d ago

It would have to be a dedicated and informed effort. But doable. Especially with how "customer pleasing" Micro has been since X1' launch, chances are higher. One can hope!

-Foxtrot1150d ago

I feel like the vibrating wristbrand will be....misused

Abriael1150d ago

I knew someone would have said this before long :D

Muzikguy1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

I agree!! I was thinking if I bought this thing I'd carefully place the wristband by my fiancée while I'm playing a game to freak her out lol

Xbonewone320151150d ago

Horrible idea.

Keyboard and mouse players will destroy controller players.

It will create inequality in fairness.

Majin-vegeta1150d ago

If you think that using a K/B&M automatically makes you a God like player you have a lot to learn kid.You're only as good as you're skill permits.Plus online play on consoles has never been "Equal" as people have been using modded,scuff etc controllers.

Doodleburger1150d ago

Seriously, try it. You will get destroyed. It's not about skill after a certain point, it's about which piece of equipment performs better, and it's not the controller when it comes to FPS games.

Xbonewone320151150d ago

Kb and m have a higher skill cap than controller.

End of discussion.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1150d ago

I do better with gamepad on PC, BF4 2.0 on gamepad as compared to a less consistent 0.5-1.5 on KBM.

Maybe that's just me and I'm an exception though, I'm still only an average player with Keyboard/mouse

TheHaloGuy1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I got my 1st pc a few months back. And can say def there's an advantage over the controllers with k/m.

I guess it's possible to be better with a controller. But you'd have to be really unfamiliar with k/m.

nitus101150d ago

It depends on the game. FPS's do benefit from keyboard and mouse control, however action games can be more suited to a controller especially if the controller has a gyroscope such as the DS3 and DS4 and it is supported.

It also must be noted that even the PS2 had games that supported keyboard and mouse, however if I remember correctly they were FPS's.

If you like FPS's fine, however remember that not all gamers are keen on them.

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k-dillinger1150d ago

i never got pc gamers but i always thought they were some of the weirdest ppl why the hell would you play with a mouse and keyboard when the controller is the best option and used in gaming y'all guys need to get with the times most ppl look at ppl who play modern games with a mouse and keyboard as weird which y'all really are no thank you ill be using a controller like the rest of the world.

Doodleburger1150d ago

And like the rest of the world, you will suck at FPS games. I honestly would dare you to challenge a 6 year old with KB/M against any of your console pros. The results will be hilarious,i've seen it first hand.

HammadTheBeast1150d ago

Are you serious? In an even-skilled matchup, a keyboard and mouse player will destroy someone using a controller. In fast paced FPS games you have so much more time to aim and shoot than a controller player does, probably the only thing the controller is better at is fluidly combining movement and aiming, and even that is mostly based on preference.

Savsky1150d ago

I played CounterStrike GO competitive with a Dualshock 4 and I was rocking a 2.38 KD ratio. The mouse/kb should be used in tournaments and higher ranking events, but the controller can be used against anybody who's not a top 100 CS player.

nowitzki20041150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I swear I used to think like that... Until I got used to M/K. FP games are so much better to play with M/K.

Not saying you will be better or worse because that depends on skill, but I personally hate using my DS4 for FP games. 3rd person games I use the DS4 though.

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paul-p19881150d ago

Rocket league is crossplay between PC and PS4, and I destroy PC players :)

Tbh it depends on the game, PC Gamers will have a massive advantage in FPS games, but Console Gamers will have massive advantages in sports games

SilentSolid1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Not really. I'm playing rocket league with a controller on pc. So, If anything, I have a slight advantage cause of the better framerate and responsiveness.

HaveAsandwich1149d ago

nope. i use a m/k on console all the time. it's not a 1:1 experience, like on pc. console fps's have acceleration added to the controls. unless they remove it, you're going to have pc gamers complaining about how chitty m/k is on consoles. thats about it.

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N4Geeing1150d ago

Look forward to play Sims on ps4 using this.

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