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The new King’s Quest game is a quirky whimsical fun adventure but is plagued by many tech hiccups. On the PlayStation 4 the graphics stuttered frequently as Graham walked through scenes causing him to ‘jump’ or freeze in place.

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MilkMan1113d ago

I don't know. I loved this game, I found it to be at least as memorable as the best TT games. It has a charm all its own. In fact after beating the first chapter of this, it gave me the "strength" to play some (or all) of my buggy as hell, neglected TT Games, and although the action bits are better in the TT Games, there is a charm in King's Quest that I found irresistible.

TT can take a note from them on this. This is definitely one of my favorite games of this type this year. Followed by Tales from the Borderlands. Cant say that Im enjoying Game of Thrones than much.
and the Square-Enix game lost me in the first chapter. I'll force myself to complete it or whatever later on.

pennyman1112d ago

thx for the feedback - yes Telltale def not 100% on all their games