Gamescom 2015 Preview: Crackdown, Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch Beta and More

What is there to look forward to in Germany this year?

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trywizardo1114d ago

I feel like Scalebound will be huge and I'll miss since I have PS4 , looking forward to see Horizon new gameplay and hope a teaser for new IP or GOW4 ^_^

lemoncake1113d ago

Just pick up Xbox bundle in few more years when even cheaper, then u don't miss anything.

spicelicka1113d ago

^This, I will be doing this with the PS4 when it gets cheaper. I had a 360 all of last gen, but I picked up a PS3 later on and caught up on all the great exclusives at a cheap price!

lemoncake1113d ago

@spice I did exactly same as you last gen, glad I did as well PS3 had some great titles.

trywizardo1113d ago

I'm one console for a gen gamer , so I'll stick to PS4 . and there are rumors for god of war 4 so I really hope they will announce it or release a trailer for it ...

Erik73571113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

I'm surprised we didn't get a teaser/announcement of god of war 4 already...

trywizardo1113d ago

yeah I thought they will release it when they release GOW3 ...

mark_parch1113d ago

So excited to see crackdown and scalebound. Whats the new ip going to be phil spencer was on about at the end of e3?

Crummybear1113d ago

I would be so happy to see more gameplay of Horizon.

pyramidshead1113d ago

I'm definitely right there with you. If not then probably PGS. I should think they won't wait until PSX and TGS is for Japanese based games.

jb2271113d ago

Same here...but apparently according to the article we haven't seen any gameplay at all of Horizon yet.

"Heck, we can also hope the game is closer to being done than initially thought. Now if only there was real-time gameplay footage instead of in-engine visuals."

I guess we should expect as much from GamingBolt but am I missing something here? The showing might have been pre recorded, but that was an honest gameplay demo was it not? Pretty sure the IGN guys mentioned seeing it being played behind closed doors. Either way it sounded like a bit of a cheap shot to me in the article. I also look forward to seeing MORE gameplay from Horizon, instead of the first by GB's skewed logic.

daBUSHwhaka1113d ago

Should be good.It really is exiting times with so many superb titles coming on X1/PS4.

mochachino1113d ago

I'm a PS4 owner but am probably most excited to see Crackdown. Not because I think it would be the best game, because it's the only one I haven't seen yet and Crackdown 1 was pretty fun.

I've come close to getting an xone sooo many times during those crazy sales but I always think what game would I want besides Halo 5. It needs a few more must have exclusives before I jump in (Forza/Fable/Gears are no longer my thing).

Erik73571113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

I have both....frankly xbox is only worth it until halo 5 comes out and Ps4 is only worth it until Uncharted 4 comes out...maybe if you never played the uncharted games then it might be worth a purchase for ya when the Nathan Drake Collection comes out or whatever it's called.

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