Sony in danger of losing game crown to Nintendo

Times Online Reports: "Sony, the Japanese electronics and entertainment titan, may be poised to lose its 13-year title as the world's biggest games console maker despite a surprise jump in profits at its Playstation division.

Though currently riding high on continuing strong sales of the Playstation Portable and the recent launch of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4, Sony seems likely to run a close second to Nintendo by the end of year if the two companies attain their respective shipment targets.

Efforts to lower the production costs of the hefty Playstation 3 appeared to have paid off, with operating profit Y5.4 billion in the quarter as opposed to the Y29 billion loss recorded this time last year.

But the return of black ink at the games division after so many quarters in the red was small consolation to investors, after the Japanese electronics giant yesterday unveiled group-wide results which one analyst at KBC said were "not pretty, however you slice and dice them."

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SixTwoTwo3709d ago

At this point nobody is catching Nintendo.

Jamie Foxx3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

between sony and nintendo...your it, no your it

shazam3709d ago

I wonder how many Wii's are sitting at homes collecting dust only to be touched when there is company over.

StephanieBBB3709d ago

Wii might win in 08 but in 09 no way.

enough said.

Lifendz3709d ago

re-releasing old hardware but housing it in a different box, and including a motion controller akin to what you see in any mall kiosk, would result in a pop culture pheom? No one. Kudos Nintendo, you showed the world that it's possible to make money on "next-gen" hardware by giving old hardware a new box.

But all is not good in the land of Nintendo. A good number of their core gamers that aren't toddlers, soccer moms, or the elderly are getting very pi$$ed. E3 was a slap in the face and the lack of games involving more than just waving that waggle remote like a mad man while staring at graphics that make the PS2 look like a graphical beast is amounting to the potential loss of some Nintendo loyalist.

Yeah, Sony is not going to beat out the Wii. But is it fair to really count the Wii? Especially since most people are buying it just for Wii sports and nothing else?

deeznuts3709d ago

the only thing that makes the wii next gen is that it was released at the same time next-gen consoles did.

lets see it beat the ps2 in sales first, since they are comparable in tech.

and oh yeah, lets see some games. if wii music is where it's at, nintendo is taking themselves out of the race.

uie4rhig3708d ago

does anyone care tbh? besides the fanboys i mean? who cares who's best, tbh.. PS360 is more for the core gamers (note Nintendo's E3 conference) and Wii is for people who like a laugh with family and all (yes i know, wii is also for core gamers, but PS360 is more for the core gamers than the Wii IMO)

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sajj3163709d ago

Whats going on with journalism lately? Article title is about Nintendo taking title from Sony. 50% of the article content is about the overall financial position of Sony?

Anway, I've said it once and I'll say it again ... 'too early to decide a winner' as the article title states ... 'in danger'.

jay23709d ago

Loosing game crowds, yeah, to a console for 2 year olds?
I find that very worring!

Playstation Man3708d ago

Fanboys and the media are trying their hardest to fail the console, yet Sony still turns a profit and is on pace to take over 2nd from 360 fairly soon. We'll see what this race looks like 2 years from now, when M$ already has the X720 out there and the Wii at that point will either be proven to be a fad, or a MONSTER hardware piece sales wise (with the worst gaming library ever! Sega CD has competition!)

PirateThom3709d ago

When Wii has games I want to play, then it will have won over Sony and Microsoft.

Rock Bottom3709d ago

Nintendo have already beaten Sony sails-wise, but if it's about games, we all know whose at a solid third place.

jojo3193709d ago

I highly doubt that Nintendo is seeing games you personally want to play as a barometer for their success. The Wii caught everyone off guard including skeptical developers. I'm sure they will catch up with some good titles. I would like to see people's lists of truly GREAT games already released for the Wii and PS3. I would bet they have about the same amount....