Star Wars Battlefront getting dog fight game mode

EA announces new "Fighter Squadron" game mode for Star Wars Battlefront which is all about dog fights.

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ArchangelMike993d ago

It's a good start, but we all know the space battles are coming as DLC. I miss the days when you would buy a game and know that you purchased all the content.

philm87992d ago

That's the main thing that annoyed me about Destiny, they advertised loads of things that everyone expected to be in the main game, but then released overpriced DLCs. I don't see a problem with DLCs if it's clear what you get for your money.

christian hour992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

All I wanted from this game was the features set down in the original Battlefront 3 before it was cancelled. I want space battles happening while I'm down on a planet fighting, I want my buddies holding the line at a shielded base they need to destroy on ground while I'm in space blowing up orbital defence and generators to take those shields down for my team.

I will buy into DICE's take on the series once this becomes a core feature of the game and not some DLC I have to pay for later. So fingers crosses DICE's Battlefront sequel will deliver, for now I'll hang on to my change.

RiseofScorpio992d ago

I'm depressed now. That sounds much better than what were getting and that was supposed to be last gen.

christian hour992d ago


Whatever you do don't look at the leaked footage after the company closed down, its a bit outdated and unrefined, but it shows off some amazing gameplay modes.

assdan992d ago

Why do people want space battles so much? Am I the only one who thought they were really boring?

christian hour992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

It's about choice, their inclusion doesn't mean you have to play them. No point taking something out that isn't an omnipresent game feature because some people don't like it, right?

antz1104991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

@Christian so they can include a mode that was fundamentally boring to encourage choice or the can refine the modes already there.

Ill take the latter.

Koopdogg992d ago

Of course space battle DLC is coming and i cant wait to be the one
"Told ya so"

spicelicka992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

For a multiplayer only game costing $70, they better have a lot of free DLC.

This is why I have a lot respect for halo games. Halo 5 has an epic campaign, huge multiplayer, warzone, forge, custom games, 20 maps at launch plus 15 free as DLC!

I'm getting halo 5 day one, Battlefront i will wait for a cheaper deal, i do really wanna play it.

RiseofScorpio992d ago

Star Wars Battlefront: Space Assault coming January 2016 for 19.99.

TheCommentator992d ago

Do we get Michael Vick as a preorder bonus now?