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Machina of the Planet Tree - Planet Ruler - creates a complicated story from a basic plot, but the game is worth playing due to its unique combat system and well-designed characters that fans of JRPGs will appreciate.

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MrsNesbitt1024d ago

will have a look at this one :)

Flatty931023d ago

Looks like my sort of game, love JRPG’s! The character animations look great and think the art style looks superb. Good review, will definitely be trying this one out!

MeteorPanda1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

ooo...didn't see the usual thing coming out of most of todays jrpgs...boobs, neked grills everywhere, tactless innuendo like a fairy tail manga...good.

only on pc? most show up on vita, ah well, still give it a shot.

gave it a shot, the enemies are just images, the backgrounds are weirdly textured and appear too bright and contrasted compared the character. other than the cheap graphics it's looking like a good story regardless.