Sony's Not Afraid Of Piracy?

Sarcasticgamer wrote: "Everyone knows that piracy is an issue with the PSP. You might be asking youself why hasn't Sony found a way to lock it down. The answer might be that after getting your money for the PSP, case, screen cover and memory card(s), they don't care. They got the bulk of the cost out of the way, so plug it into your PS3 and play Pixel Junk Monsters.

Can this be true? Let's find out."

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Ben10543646d ago

Be afraid, Be very afraid

rogimusprime3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

because every system Sony has released besides the current ps3 has been succeptible to RAMPANT piracy and they seem to have done just fine.

Ummm, what about XBOX? I know a lot of people who only have a 360 because the games are free and easily downloaded sometimes a week before a street date.

ruibing3646d ago

It's sarcastic gamer, never take that site seriously.

They have been very worried about 3rd party support for the PSP, so they are actively supporting it themselves.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Whether you're serious or not Sony has a unified online with an authentication system.I'm not sure if they still use Dynamic Network Authentication System (DNAS) but now Sony is watching you with virtual police. You can't even play a downloabable Warhawk game on a different account even if it's a sub-account. The only account that can use it is the one that bought the game.

With the email/password sign-in it would be harder to pirate a Sony console and go online? The online might be free but the security is one of the best available. They caught the two hackers almost instantly, image moders. On the XBOX 360 you would most likely have to call it in and with no passwords/email sign-ins.

Ben10543645d ago

I think its very unlikely that the piracy will be made available on the ps3 in the next year or 2, but if it does then sony would have to be worried, it wont be much of a problem if piracy happens on the ps3 now because the price of a blu-ray burner and blu-ray disks but in about 2 years time they will become cheapER and pirated disks will become easily available.
And Some One Plays, you can play warhawk and other games on different accounts now, But the owners (account you brought the game on) password has to be saved on the ps3, they included it in firmware 2.40.

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RSX3646d ago

If the ps3 ends up getting exploited it could spell disaster for it. I have a psp and its on 3.41 M33 (CF)

bottom line
If you could get the game(s) for free why would you want to pay for them??

jaja14343646d ago

Because your parents did or should have taught you at the age of 6 that stealing is wrong...

f7897903645d ago

That said I pirate games that dont have demos to try them out. If I like them I buy them.

Bazookajoe_833646d ago

Both the 360 and wii are easy to mod, downloading the games isnt a problem either. Me and some friends were playing halo 3 a week before launch. And with the wii it´s even easier because you only use ordinary dvd + discs, atleast with the 360 you have to use dual layer. I dont see this problem for the ps3 for atleast 2 years, since you need a blu-ray burner and the price of bluray discs are pretty high.

hfaze3645d ago

True... But Dark-Alex (the one that PWNED the PSP) already has a PS3 section up on his site. There aren't any custom firmware releases YET...

I don't know how Sony pulled off the PS3 STAYING un-hackable this long into its lifetime.. Both the PS1 and PS2 were mod-able by almost two years in...

Lumbo3645d ago

the PS3 section has been "up" since before the launch of the PS3 .. and never got anything posted there

Silogon3646d ago

They aren't? Then why not open up your PS3's cell SPE for use on your PS3's XMB so we can download emulators right to the xmb and games and other applications without going thru the cumbersome Ps3 linux combo?

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