16 of the Best Xbox One Co-Op Games

VGChartz's Tyler Treese: "Most games are more fun to play with friends, but received wisdom would have it that co-op play is becoming a thing of the past; that aside from Nintendo no other major publisher really places much emphasis on cooperative gaming experiences.

Yet there's still a wealth of cooperative titles to play even if you look at the Xbox One alone. If you just recently purchased an Xbox One, or you're a day one customer just looking for some recommendations, then I have you covered with this list of 16 Xbox One co-op games that really deserve to be given a shot, and this just scratches the surface."

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DirtyPete1079d ago

I think this is a neat article. I love coop. The only thing I wish about these game is that they offered Same system coop. I have been playing Saints Row IV and Gat Out of Hell on my One and really love the way they did coop on the Saints Row games.

otherZinc1079d ago ShowReplies(1)
syotos771079d ago

I love smite so much. Been playing for about 2 years but just started on xbox in march. Such a great community in the game.

syotos771079d ago

They said "best" co op. While it is a decent game due to random difficulty spikes and features being locked behind a pay wall I don't see it rating much higher than a 7. But that's just my opinion.

kazuma561077d ago

in my opinion it's still better in coop than a lot of games in the list