Splatoon Update is on the Way

Check out the new features of the latest update for Splatoon

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sloncek1149d ago

They should put weapon build up system. Also secondary weapon like small guns would be nice. Bot what i miss in this game is double jump.

Shuckylad1149d ago

Sounds great but I still want to be able to use my pro controller in single player.

Trolltroll1149d ago

Top of my wishlist is wiimote and nunchuck support. Just put super jump on th c button. Then pops up the map on screen point at destination and jump. Use a similar style with inkstrike. Both moves require you to stop anyway. Maby stand neutral for a second and opaque map pops over screen.

howiewowwee1149d ago

Real good update because almost everyone is at level 20 now.

MacUser19861149d ago

This game looks awesome and I want to play it bad but I won't until Pro controller support is released.

The beta was so much fun come on Nintendo!

Mikito111149d ago

Works better with gamepad imo.. Especially to jump to teammates in multiplayer

Just get it, don't miss out

MoveTheGlow1149d ago

Glad to see the details on the update, it looks awesome!

To those of you who are on the fence because of Pro Controller support, that's not going to be pretty if it happens. There are some things you can only do by seeing the map and playing simultaneously, such as teleporting and assigning Inkstrikes. Placing the menu on a screen that isn't your TV is super important, too. If that stuff was done through a secondary menu, you'd be at a huge disadvantage. Try it out if you know someone!

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